‘Chicago Fire’: Who Plays Wendy Seager?

by Jacklyn Krol

Calling all Chicago Fire fans. Who plays Lieutenant Wendy Seager and what other work is she known for?

Meet actress Andy Allo, who brought the fan favorite One Chicago character to life. We first saw her character in Season 8 in the seventh episode called “Welcome to Crazytown”. Although she appeared in six episodes, she was noticeably absent for the entire ninth season. She returned a year and a half later during Episode 6 of Season 10, “Dead Zone.”

Her first official acting role was in The Game in 2011 as Allison for three episodes. She went on to star in several movies as minor characters. Then she landed the role of Serenity in Pitch Perfect 3 in 2017.

Allo returned to television to appear as Zoe B. for two episodes of Black Lightning. She then got a starring role in the 2020 hit, Upload. She played the character of Nora Anthony.

The series follows a man named Nathan who died in a self-driving car crash. His mind is uploaded to Lakeview, similar to a retirement community for those who have died. This is given to him as a gift from his girlfriend’s family and treated to the digital afterlife. He meets his customer service representative named Nora. Nora is in the digital world but is a real, alive person on the other end. They end up having feelings for each other before things go haywire.

Allo’s most recent role is in 2022 for the film, Die Like Lovers.

Andy Allo on ‘Chicago Fire’

Andy Allo has gained an appreciation for first responders. She previously wrote about her experience joining the cast on social media.

“So honored to be part of the Chicago Fire Family and learning so much about the hard work first responders and firefighters do. Praying for the firefighters so bravely fighting the California fires right now,” she wrote.

Now that she has returned to the series, will her stay on Chicago PD be recurring or just a guest spot? It’s known that Seager is going to play a big part of Season 10 and her relationship with Severide caused issues with Kidd.

“I think Kidd’s going to be very interested to hear that while she was gone, he was taking down arsonists with, as [Seager] called it, his Avenger partner,” showrunner Derek Haas told TV Insider. “So yeah, I could see that being at least a topic of interest between the two of them.”

Seager has been attempting to get back into Severide’s heart but also lure him to the Office for Fire Investigation. What will he choose?