‘Chicago Fire’: Why Brett & Casey’s Relationship Hasn’t Ended Despite Jesse Spencer’s Exit

by Lauren Boisvert

On “Chicago Fire,” Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett are doing an awkward kind of long distance relationship. She’s been going to visit him in Oregon off-screen, coming back and talking about her trip. But, really, we’re all crossing our fingers for a Casey comeback.

Evidently, showrunner Derek Haas is getting our hopes up for Casey’s return, for at least one episode. The Stellaride wedding would be nothing without Casey there as best man, because you know he has to be best man. Haas is hopeful for a return, but he also likes the long distance aspect of the relationship.

“It would have felt like cheating after having them building that relationship over so many seasons, and then just throwing it away, because of production demand,” Haas told Variety recently. “So we thought it was realistic, especially in this day and age, that people can keep a relationship going. It’s been fun for us because we love Casey so much as writers that we want him to keep his presence.”

That explains why Brett and Casey are still together even through the distance. Not even 2,000 miles can keep them apart, they’re stronger than that. For them to have a healthy relationship even over long distance paints a good picture for reality. It’s almost like saying, “look, it can be done!” So, the distance is the tool which tightens the screws in their relationship.

It’s a bit odd having Casey present, but really not. He exists in a kind of Schrodinger space; he is both on the show, and not. But, with the wedding slated to happen sometime this season, we could be seeing Casey sooner than we thought. I’m thinking, some sort of surprise visit would be nice. Make everyone believe he’s not coming and then he just shows up. A surprise for characters and fans alike.

‘Chicago Fire’: Could Pelham Be Leaving Already?

Of a few snaps from the “Chicago Fire” set posted to Twitter recently, there’s one that raised some questions. It’s a group shot of the cast hard at work. This includes Miranda Rae Mayo’s Stella Kidd. This isn’t inherently unusual, as she is back, seemingly for good. But, what’s odd about the photo is she appears to have a lieutenant’s shield on her helmet.

An upcoming “Chicago Fire” episode outlined that Stella was looking into an open lieutenant position, but didn’t say where. She could be leaving Firehouse 51 for a different district; or could Pelham be leaving instead? Currently, he’s still the lieutenant of Truck 81, but that may not be the case for much longer.

The question is: does he leave on his own terms, or is he kicked off the truck? Does something happen to demote him, or does he simply want to move on to something else? All, hopefully, answered in good time.