‘Chicago Fire’: Why Joe Minoso Thinks Show Is the ‘Most Influential Event’ of His Life

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

“Chicago Fire” features a host of lovable cast members. One of those longtime cast members is “Chicago Fire’s” Joe Cruz actor, Joe Minoso. Minoso has played Lieutenant Kelly Severide’s righthand man since the show kicked off in 2012. Ten seasons later, the much-developed character continues to be a mainstay for Squad 3. However, while we’re grateful for Minoso’s contribution to “Chicago Fire,” we’ve learned the actor’s journey here was no easy feat.

In speaking with BELatina, the “Chicago Fire” actor revealed that the NBC show has probably been the “most influential event” of his life. Minoso stated, “I was an out of work actor prior to joining this cast with zero to my name when starting out.”

However, 10 seasons later, Minoso has gained quite a bundle in partaking in the beloved “Chicago Fire” cast. He followed the above statement with, “This opportunity gave me so much.”

On top of a regular role on NBC, the “Chicago Fire” star stated the procedural program gave him his first home and provided him the opportunity to meet his wife Caitlin Murphy Miles. That’s in addition to a close-knit cast and people he now adores.

“Being part of this show has changed everything for me,” the beloved Joe Cruz actor concluded.

‘Chicago Fire’ Actor Goes Behind Monologues’ Wall of Text

Outsiders love “Chicago Fire” for its dedication in portraying the realities these brave first responders face on every call. That authenticity definitely plays a role in the show’s success. However, we must also attribute its longevity to its collective of dedicated and passionate cast members.

Alongside Joe Cruz actor Joe Minoso, Christopher Herrmann actor David Eigenberg has starred on “Chicago Fire” from the get-go. Now Herrmann remains one of Firehouse 51’s lieutenants. As this week debuts the midseason finale, we’re interested to see what plotlines surround the character.

Herrmann no doubt plays a crucial role as a fireman at 51. However, he’s also known for his love and dedication to children as a father himself, and frequently shares motivational and meaningful speeches as needed.

In a previous interview, the longtime “Chicago Fire” revealed how he as an actor approaches those long pieces of monologue.

“Big monologues,” Eigenberg began, “are just big chunks of black ink. And it horrifies me.” The long collection of lines intimidates the actor as he revealed, “I don’t feel like I have a very good memory.” However, much like his character Herrmann, Eigenberg tackles the piece, picking it up and building on it.

In the end, he shared that once he nails the lines, he begins to fly at the monologues and the words simply roll off the tongue. Of the fact, the “Chicago Fire” actor said, “sometimes [that] makes it kind of beautiful. Because sometimes you don’t know exactly what you’re going to say next–as it is in life.”