‘Chicago Fire’: Will Chief Hawkins Pose an Obstacle for Violet’s Affection?

by Shelby Scott

Two of “Chicago Fire’s” youngest first responders saw themselves in a romantic fling within the last season or two. However, after much growth and maturation, they’ve become friends. However, true fans know there’s still an unspoken connection between the two.

These characters, paramedic Violet Mikami and fireman Blake Gallo, began as frenemies, I suppose you could say. Now, though, as both parties have made attempts at admitting their true feelings for each other, Violet faces another potential obstacle in uniting with Gallo. And that particular obstacle comes in the form of the superbly attractive Chief Hawkins.

Next week debuts the festive midseason finale for “Chicago Fire.” Hopefully, it provides us insight as to what happens next between Gallo and Violet or Hawkins and Violet, or simply just Violet as she recovers from having her appendix removed.

Regardless, until Wednesday, let’s take a look at Violet’s romantic pursuits this season.

As One Chicago Center reminds us, Gallo and Violet have had a strange and captivating relationship since they first joined “Chicago Fire.” Much like children, the two frequently found themselves competing in a variety of first responders’ situations, which ultimately led to their frantic fling later down the line.

‘Chicago Fire’s’ First Responders Vy for Violet’s Affections

Now, the two have matured and have been able to establish a pretty solid friendship, alongside their colleague Darren Ridder.

However, the latest episode, “What Happened At Whiskey Point,” saw a new and surprising romantic partnership present itself. The sudden subplot began when Chief Hawkins met with Violet, initially, to admonish her not-so-admirable behavior at her latest call.

Ultimately, as soon as their discussion begins, Violet collapses on the floor. As she wrenches around, Hawkins locates the cause and tends to her as the “Chicago Fire” crew secures her a ride to Med. Immediately, we see tension present itself when Gallo offers to ride with her and Hawkins goes instead.

Truthfully, it doesn’t appear as though Hawkins is aware of Gallo’s feelings for the paramedic. Although, it nevertheless throws a wrench in the first responders’ already-established relationship.

The end of the latest episode put little emphasis on Violet’s feelings regarding the two men’s affections for her. She was simply surprised Hawkins stayed by her side through surgery, eventually bringing her a much-needed bubbly water.

“Doesn’t he have a job or something?” Gallo quips when he finally gets the chance to come see Violet after her surgery. Violet doesn’t seem to notice the young fireman’s comment. Additionally, when he attempts to confess his true feelings for her, she winds up falling asleep.

Now, as we anxiously wait to see where the upcoming episode of “Chicago Fire” takes us, hopefully we’re provided some clarity regarding Violet’s romantic prospects.