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‘Chicago Med’ Star Brennan Brown Reveals Hilarious Throwback Snap with Nick Gehlfuss and Some ‘Patients’

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Saks Fifth Avenue)

Pretty sure that Brennan Brown and Nick Gehlfuss aren’t called “big dummies”….but if there’s ever a moment where this would fit, it’s the moment Chicago Med star Brennan Brown shared in a recent “throwback” Twitter post.

In fact, the two Chicago Med actors seem to blend right in with quite a few “dummies” in the hilarious Friday post. And, according to his post, this was the first time Brennan Brown met as Chicago Med costar, Nick Gehlfuss. What an intro, right?

“In celebration of my return to S7 of @NBCOneChicago this week, here’s a BTS throwback to S1,” Brennan Brown says in the Friday afternoon tweet.

“This was the day I met @TheNickGehlfuss,” the actor adds. “And it’s still, in my opinion, our best work.”

The hilarious throwback photo features Chicago Med’s Brennan Brown and Nick Gehlfuss sitting with some other players on the NBC One Chicago show…a group of stage dummies used in some of the Chicago One series’s most chaotic scenes.

It’s hard to tell how realistic the dummies look – or if the actors are just really good at making themselves blend into the unusual “crowd.”

Some ‘Chicago Med’ Actors Aren’t Real At All

The NBC drama series is known for its ability to create some awesome – and very real-looking – prop dummies to hang with the Chicago Med actors.

In fact, one recent episode featured a Chicago Med “character” who wasn’t an actor at all. He was one of the hit primetime drama’s super realistic dummies.

“Bet you couldn’t tell motorcycle crash victim Sean Ritner isn’t a real-life actor!” exclaimed a recent tweet by the Wolf Entertainment Twitter page.

The September 29 post featured a group of photos featuring a very realistic-looking character on the Chicago Med operating table.

“Because we knew he would intubated from the start, there was no need to cast a live person!” the post continued. “Instead, our #ChicagoMed team built a very real looking dummy to play the part! #OneChicago

That’s right! Chicago Med’s very, very realistic motorcycle accident victim “actor” wasn’t a real player at all.

It does make sense that the series wouldn’t cast an actual actor for this part. Especially since his time on-screen includes some pretty major medical procedures.

But, the photos of this “guest star” are extremely jarring. It’s surreal trying to accept the fact that each one is a photo of an incredibly realistic prop…and not an actual human being playing the part. But, it seems, it’s just Sean Ritner, Chicago Med dummy.

Who knows, though, maybe Sean will end up having a quick between-scenes lunch or get-together with Brennan Brown and Nick Gehlfuss soon. Like the other dummies from season one. Seems anything is possible with these Chicago Med players!