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‘Chicago Med’: Could Brian Tee’s Return Signal Ethan’s Potential Exit?

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images)

During Brian Tee’s return to Chicago Med, the actor put together a great performance. However, is that a sign that Ethan Choi is on the way out? After his injury, some fans are worried.

Dr. Ethan Choi missed quite a bit of time from the show. He was injured by a gunshot wound and it has affected the way he can do his job. While he has made a slow recovery, it hasn’t been a full one yet. He has slowly started to do more, but he might have overdone it last episode.

While it was a wonderful performance, the consequences could bite Choi in the rear. A patient was to get hernia surgery. The only problem is that he would miss the birth of his baby. So, Dr. Choi offers to do a mechanical procedure to help. Crockett was not okay with him performing the procedure, it was too risky in his opinion. However, after getting support from Dean Archer, Ethan dives headfirst.

It was a success! He was able to perform the procedure. Despite the success, Crockett was right. He shouldn’t have performed it. Dr. Choi smiled, but quickly winced in pain and almost passed out from the pain. It was a moment so real, it seemed that Brian Tee himself was in pain.

Chicago Med is heading for the mid-season finale. However, that might be without Dr. Choi. If that is the case, then viewers are going to be a little disappointed. They are worried he might leave the show. That isn’t likely the case. After the mid-season break, Choi could be healed by the time the show comes back in January or February. He was given a two-month timeline on recovery from his latest surgery.

‘Chicago Med’ Fall Finale Approaches

Next week is the mid-season, fall finale for Chicago Med. The show ended the last episode, Just as a Snake Sheds Its Skin, with that question about Dr. Choi. He missed time from the show with his original injury and with this new one, it doesn’t look great. The good news, the show doesn’t work on a one-to-one timeline with the real world. That means we could pick the show back up 5 months in the future.

While it remains to be seen what is going to happen, fans are so anxious and excited. Crockett isn’t going to be happy that Choi didn’t listen to him. Now, with him reinjuring himself, the hospital is going to be down a talented doctor. Brian Tee should be back next year, his story is not over.

The Chicago Med midseason finale approaches quickly. It is going to leave fans wanting more, surely. When the show returns in the winter, there is going to be a lot of focus on Dr. Choi.