‘Chicago Med’: Ethan Makes His Epic Return in New Sneak Peek

by Taylor Cunningham

 Dr. Ethan Choi is back on Chicago Med after nearly dying last season. But he may not be ready to resume his duties just yet.

Last season on Chicago Med, an unhinged ER patient shot Dr. Choi. The doctor survived the attack, but he had to take a medical leave of absence to undergo six weeks of intense physical therapy. So, fans haven’t seen him at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center this year.

However, TV Line has an exclusive sneak peek from tonight’s episode of Chicago Med, and the newly appointed ER chief is back on screen. But the doctor is still struggling to heal both physically and emotionally, and it may be a while before he practices medicine again.

In the clip, everyone is happy to see their chief’s smiling face. The staff gives him a warm welcome, and Crockett offers to buy him a round of drinks after work. But Choi is relying on a new cane to walk through the halls of Gaffney. And he seems a little uneasy when Dr. Charles, Chief of Psychiatry, shows concern for Choi’s wellbeing.

However, Dr. Choi assures his colleges that he’s “feeling stronger every day,” and he’s ready to get back to work. But that’s a choice the hospital will have to make on tonight’s episode. And considering the severity of Choi’s injuries, he may not be capable of practicing medicine just yet.

According to a recent interview with TV Line, executive producer Andrew Schneider said that Dr. Choi’s injuries “will affect his ability to do emergency medicine, which requires strength and dexterity and speed, and that’ll be part of his recovery.”

And Chicago Med’s executive producer Diane Frolov revealed that a couple of the upcoming episodes will be “devoted to his physical recovery,” and once his body recovers, Choi will need to “pursue the emotional and mental recovery.”

So it doesn’t look like Ethan Choi is out of the woods yet. His attack will not be easy to overcome. And the show will highlight his struggles now that he has returned to the screen.

‘Chicago Med’ Star Oliver Platt Reveals What Surprised Him While Shadowing Psychiatrists

When Chicago Med showrunner Dick Wolf asked Oliver Platt to play an ER psychiatrist on his series, Platt was a little hesitant to accept the gig. He didn’t think that ERs actually had staff psychiatrists. But after shadowing real-life doctors, he learned that wasn’t true.

“One of the things that I was nervous about was, wait — is there precedent for this in the real world?” he admitted to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I was thrilled to find out that there are actually psychiatrists all over emergency rooms,” he added. “I think that one of the things that Dick and I talked about this character is that, most of the time in film and television, psychiatrists are represented as the guy with the office and the couch. [Dr. Charles] is more interested in the people that don’t have $400 an hour who he knows are going to be walking through those doors.”