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‘Chicago Med’ Fans Hated One of Maggie’s Decisions

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

One Chicago fans know that the characters within the franchise shows, Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD often face some incredibly tough moments. However, there is one moment in Chicago Med that really stands out among the popular NBC drama’s viewers. A moment in which Marlyne Barrett’s character Maggie Lockwood made a choice that ended up bothering some fans of the popular series.

In one Chicago Med episode, Barrett’s Maggie Lockwood and her husband Ben Campbell, who is portrayed by Charles Malik Whitfield, are considering adopting a young boy named Augie. However, Barrett learns that the family who has adopted Auggie’s brother wants to take Auggie as well. Maggie Lockwood sympathizes with the family. And, she also knows how important a biological connection can be. So she and Ben Campbell end up making a heart-wrenching decision. And, fans were not very thrilled.

Maggie Lockwood’s Decision About Auggie truly upsets Some ‘Chicago Med’ fans

One fan expressed frustration over a poignant Chicago Med moment in which Marlyne Barrett’s One Chicago character Maggie Lockwood considers the major decision while discussing it with a costar. In the heartbreaking scene, the Chicago Med character also reveals something deep from her past.

“I watched this episode and kept yelling at the screen,” one Chicago Med viewer notes about the scene.

“Also, the creators really hate people having kids,” the One Chicago fans adds to the comment. “Give someone a happy ending with a child!”

Another YouTube viewer agreed with the above comment. This time, the Chicago Med fan notes that they just want Maggie to be happy. And, they don’t want to keep seeing so many heartbreaking scenes.

“Sigh, can’t Maggie just be happy for once?” one YouTube viewer notes of the revealing One Chicago moment. “how many ways can you rip a [character’s] heart out…”

Another Chicago Med fan took it a little bit further. This viewer of the hit medical drama feels that the franchise’s focus on scenes and storylines as deep as this one can make the shows somewhat unwatchable.

“The One Chicago creators just can’t have someone have a happy ending,” the commenter says. “Made me stop watching.” 

In the heartbreaking scene, Maggie Lockwood struggles with what she needs to do – and what is best for Auggie. Lockwood tells S. Epatha Merkerson’s Dr. Sharon Goodwin that she can’t lose “another child.” This, of course, confuses Goodwin.

“Another?” the doctor asks Lockwood. The One Chicago character then reveals to Goodwin that she was pregnant as a teenager, but she had to give the baby up for adoption. This, of course, causes Lockwood to feel sympathetic to the situation with Auggie. Eventually, Maggie and Ben decide to pass on the adoption, allowing young Augie to be raised in a family with someone to which the boy is biologically connected.