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‘Chicago Med’: Fans Struggled to Get Past One Emotional Death

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

When it comes to emotional deaths, Chicago Med had had its fair share. But there is one that fans apparently struggle to get past.

Which one are they talking about? Let’s check it out as we get some help from this story on Looper. This takes place in Season 5 of the NBC medical drama. This moment revolves around Dr. Ava Bekker, played by Norma Kuhling. She commits suicide in front of her lover Dr. Connor Rhodes, played by Colin Donnell.

The Bekker-Rhodes coupling was definitely a high-profile hookup from the Chicago Med world. Both were adversaries early on yet turned it all into flirtation. Then both shared a kiss, their first one, in Folie à Deux.

‘Chicago Med’ Character Committing Suicide Upsets Show’s Viewers

As Season 5 rolled around for its premiere, Bekker was having a lot of psychological issues. Rhodes discovers a secret about Bekker and rejects her. This leads to her committing suicide. Soon after, Rhodes and Donnell left the show.

Fans were ticked about Chicago Med and aired out their anger on Reddit. It seems to be the hip thing to do and these fans did not hold back.

One writes: “Don’t get me into the [way] the writers f***ed [A]va [B]ekker over for the sake of a storyline and a Rhodes exit.” Oh boy. Here is another Redditor: “I honestly thought he was dreaming Ava killing herself … Connor leaving has me heartbroken.”

When it comes to the whole situation, a fan on Twitter writes: “OMG WT* Just happened!?! … this is to [sic] much.” This definitely adds up to a major heartbreaking moment from Chicago Med.

Marlynne Bennett Almost Stopped Acting After Serious Incident

One Chicago Med star almost said goodbye to acting after a personal traumatic experience. Marlyne Barrett did an interview with EDGE Magazine and candidly spoke about getting away from acting.

The actress took five years off to focus on her life and heal from an assault. Ian McShane, who starred with her on the NBC show Kings, encouraged her return.

“Everyone, in a number of professions, across the board, says the same thing about that man: Ian McShane is an authentic, incredible human being and a phenomenal artist,” Bennett said. “Ian was involved in the resurrection of my career.

“I’m a person who loves to laugh,” Bennett said. “I love life. I love human beings. After I was assaulted, to say that I was distraught would be an understatement. I became introverted and depressed. I needed a lot of prayer and a lot of counseling, in addition to the physical help I received.” She would meet her husband during this time in her life.