‘Chicago Med’ Fans Think Ben Could Return

by Megan Molseed

Social media can certainly be a wonderful thing. Among a variety of other uses, social media can play a big part in bringing people together; or be the perfect place for people to share the exciting news. Social media can also be the perfect way to plant an idea. Like when one Chicago Med actor took to recently Twitter hinting towards the series return of one beloved character, Ben Campbell.

Chicago Med made its premiere on NBC seven seasons ago. Since then, fans have seen quite a few changes to the staff at One Chicago’s Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. We’ve had to say goodbye to characters we have grown to love, however, we’ve also welcomed some new faces. These changes certainly drive the storylines, that’s understandable. But it’s still a super exciting moment when we hear that a former cast member may be returning to the series.

We Knew It Wasn’t A Forever ‘Goodbye’

Ben Campbell’s (Charles Malik Whitfield) exit on the series didn’t necessarily come with a major story arc. These usually y lead to a big exit. However, his absence from the series has certainly been noted. Whitfield’s character appears in multiple episodes across Chicago Med’s fifth and sixth seasons. But fans have yet to see him this season. Which is a pretty big deal considering we are about halfway through season seven.

However, one recent tweet from Chicago Med star Marlyne Barret is suggesting fans of the series won’t be waiting much longer for Ben’s return. And, this tweet comes with an adorable picture. One that reminds us just how much we liked Ben and Barret’s character, Maggie Lockwood as a couple.

“When you can just put your head on your man,” Marlyne Barrett captions the recent Twitter post. The post is coupled with a photo showing the Chicago Med couple locked in a loving embrace.

Barrett did add a few hashtags to the January 25 tweet, one of which makes it clear that this sweet photo of the Chicago Med couple is a throwback. However, the timing makes us wonder if it’s not a hint that Ben may be returning for his first appearance this season.

Is Ben coming back to ‘Chicago Med?’

As of now, NBC has yet to confirm whether or not Charles Malik Whitfield will be returning to his role on Chicago Med this season. However, this could very well be a case of “no news is good news.”

So far this season, Chicago Med fans have seen a greater focus on Maggie and her relationship with her daughter, Vanessa who is portrayed by Asjha Cooper. While Maggie is thrilled to connect with her biological daughter, this could spell trouble for Vanessa. This concern comes as Vanessa’s connection to Maggie could put her job at the Chicago Med hospital in jeopardy. And, with Maggie needing a lot of support right now, this would be the perfect time to see Ben return to the series.