‘Chicago Med’ Fans Weren’t a Fan of One Character’s Promotion

by Joe Rutland

When a character gets promoted on a TV show like Chicago Med, it usually is worth a celebration. That was not the case with a certain one.

Which character are we talking about? Let’s get some information about it with help from a story on Looper. The character is Dr. Dean Archer, played by Steven Weber, and joining the show in Season 6. Archer shows up due to a recommendation of Dr. Ethan Choi, played by Brian Tee.

Archer just got under people’s skin really fast. Now, Choi gets shot by one of Archer’s patients that is not the sanest of souls. Choi now goes on medical leave and Archer finds himself promoted to interim department chief.

‘Chicago Med’ Shooting Elevates Archer To Leading Character On NBC Show

This puts Archer, and Weber, in the middle of the action on Chicago Med. And the fans were not happy at all. They let their feelings be known in threads on Reddit.

One fan writes: “I can’t stand his character.” Another Redditor says: “I literally let out a loud ughh when I read this. I can’t stand his character and the writing for him so far. They really could have made smarter choices.”

But wait, there’s more hate for this Chicago Med character. This fan on Reddit states: “…hoo boy do I f’n hate his character and him being a regular means he ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.” How is this looking over on Twitter? Not much better. One fan simply writes: “Oh f. more Archer.”

While Fans Were Not Pleased, Weber’s Role Filled Need While Tee Was Away

Yeah, that puts the Chicago Med mess in perspective. Fans were not pleased but, hey, that’s what a show does when it needs some help. Tee was away working on another TV series for Amazon, so he needed to split for a bit. It just helps to have Choi out of the way long enough to give these fans something to get a bit heated about, too.

It is worth remembering, too, that while fans are complaining, the show’s ratings remain solid. Viewers tune in each week to see the troubles at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. We do watch to see what happens in the world of these characters and get drawn into the plots.

Still, this show just falls into the world of Dick Wolf, which is absolutely making things rock and roll on TV. We do know that in a Wolf world, episodic TV and procedural dramas are par for the course. Now, it’s time to wait and see what happens with Weber’s character, too. Watch the show on the Wednesday night block on NBC.