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‘Chicago Med’: Guy Lockard Customized His Stethoscope His Dr. Scott Character Uses

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for the Audio Publisher Association)

The “One Chicago” franchise has a collection of interesting and unique ways of bringing authenticity to the NBC shows. A previous episode of “Chicago P.D.” took place at one of the local VA hospitals. And while, typically, big network shows like these would enlist the help of “extras,” the episode featured genuine military soldiers and vets. This time around, “Chicago Med” is bringing major character authenticity via Dr. Scott’s Guy Lockard.

“One Chicago” is especially adept at letting viewers in on some of the behind-the-scenes procedures, props, and interactions. “Chicago Fire” shared with viewers how the crew’s latest rescue actually took place.

Meanwhile, Wold Entertainment’s most recent post captures “Chicago Med” actor Guy Lockard’s Dr. Dylan Scott’s actual stethoscope he uses within the show and we are absolutely dying.

Playing the role of “Chicago Med’s” resident pediatrician, Dr. Scott just joined the med cast at the start of the new season. However, he’s already stolen the hearts of “One Chicago” fans everywhere, with his friendly personality and his gentle demeanor toward “Chicago Med’s” youth patients.

So when the network shared a photo of the actor’s actual stethoscope, coordinated completely by himself, it just goes to show both the genuineness of the character, as well as the actor’s dedication to his role. After all, who doesn’t like a guy with an adorable pink dinosaur at the forefront of his equipment?

“Chicago Med” Doctor to Struggle Post-Gunshot Wound

Season 6 of “Chicago Med” concluded with quite a few cliffhangers and nailbiters. Most dynamically, one of the show’s consistent and steady doctors, Dr. Ethan Choi, suffered a gunshot wound to the chest after trying to deescalate a situation between a colleague and a crazed patient. For his efforts, Choi was shot.

Now, this season will feature not only the struggles of the doctor’s physical recovery but also the emotional recovery. Not to mention the drama sure to ensue when he returns to his position as Head of the Emergency Department only to find who his interim cover is.

Like Officer Kim Burgess back on “Chicago P.D.,” Choi will face difficulties not only in his personal recovery but also in his return to the job. His position as Head of the Emergency Department depends on speed and dexterity, not to mention strength.

Therefore, we could very well see the “Chicago Med” fan-favorite struggle more so as he fights his own body to get back to where he was as a doctor.

Regarding Dr. Ethan Choi specifically, executive producer Diane Frolov said, “We have a couple of episodes devoted to his physical recovery, and then we’ll pursue the emotional and mental recovery.”