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‘Chicago Med’: Here’s How Show Dealt With Several Departures

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

What is going on with Chicago Med? Fans want to know how the show will continue to thrive on NBC with several key departures as of late.

Heading into this season Will, Ethan, April and Natalie were all missing. Will, if you had forgotten, got the axe, and then was away healing up after getting shot in an earlier episode. Now, both are back on the program, but April and Natalie are still nowhere to be found. The latter two are in all likelihood not coming back to the program.

To get around the loss of Natalie, Dylan has entered the fold with an entirely different role and persona. However, the show has not really found an alternative to April. Other characters in varying roles have helped pick up the slack. Still, with season seven well underway, the losses of April and Natalie have not devastated the show and don’t figure to going forward.

Dr. Oren Godfried on ‘Chicago Med’

One of the many reasons fans love Chicago Med is the realistic nature of the show. The showrunners and cast do their homework. They also, though, have some help, like Dr. Oren Godfried who assists the show. Godfried said of working on the NBC program, “I had the good fortune to assist the full-time, on-set Chicago Med clinician consultants on several episodes that included big neurosurgery scenes. I had worked closely with the episode writers, and they asked for me to come full circle and ensure that the scene visually was as authentic as the story. “

He continued, “I enjoyed being on set and working with the actors and full production team. I saw an opportunity to take my knowledge of neurosurgery on air.”

How cool is that, Outsiders? The writers want to be accurate. They want to include voices like Godfried who really know what they’re talking about. It’s a relationship that works for both parties as he points out. For the show, it makes things more accurate and life-like. For him, he gets to get more of the public to have a better understanding of neurosurgery.

Behind The Curtain at ‘Chicago Med’

He continued, “Even the smallest things were absolutely amazing. It was so fun and educational to go to the set each morning and spend 1:1 time with some of the regular actors. They would ask me how to appear more like a true surgeon in this particular scene, and I would ask them about acting, TV, and their career trajectories. It is fascinating to see the final stories I pitched or helped craft not only on TV but live on set as well. As an example, a small idea I randomly had at 2:00 a.m. one day on call in the hospital became a major part of the story, and these great actors are performing it. To see it live and in-person with all the bright lights is just so cool and still a bit surreal, even though I have been in TV for over a decade.”

The relationship works between the two parties. They are able to blend real-life stories on the show thanks to this kind of collaboration. It’s all very interesting to see.