‘Chicago Med’: Here’s How the Show Stacked Up Against Other Medical Dramas This Season

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

Sophia Bush shocked fans when she announced her exit from “Chicago P.D.” but she didn’t just leave the show, she left the entire NBC network. What’s more, is the fact that she went over to CBS to star on a medical drama that is set to compete with “Chicago Med.” In a world where viewership and TV ratings matter, this could have been seen as a bit of a low blow. But in the famous words of Kurt Vonnegut, “so it goes.” (It’s a darker way of saying the show must go on.)

Though supply chain shortages continue to plague the country, there’s no shortage of content when it comes to this genre. So, how did “Chicago Med” stack up against all the other medical dramas this season? I hope you’ve got your scalpel handy because we’re about to dive right into this dissection.

Despite the Killer Competition ‘Chicago Med’ Seems to Hold Its Own

ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” has consistently ranked as one of the top medical dramas out there for years. When we’re looking at the 18-49 year age demographic, it falls second on the list of the top 5 medical dramas this season. Can you hazard a guess at who stole the number one spot from them? We’ll give you a hint. It’s two words.

That’s right, “Chicago Med” topped out the list with its viewership sitting at around 6.77 million giving it a rating of 0.76. It was a close call, though, because “Grey’s Anatomy” sits with a rating just 0.10 removed at 0.66.

Here’s your breakdown according to data compiled by Spoiler TV:

  1. NBC’s “Chicago Med”: a 0.76 rating and viewership of 6.77 million

2. ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy”: a 0.66 rating and viewership of 4.28 million

3. ABC’s “The Good Doctor”: a 0.42 rating and viewership of 3.87 million

4. Fox’s “The Resident”: a 0.46 rating and viewership of 3.08 million

5. NBC’s “New Amsterdam”: a 0.37 rating and viewership of 3.28 million

Remembering One of the Most Famous Medical Dramas That Is No More

Fox used to broadcast another well-known medical drama that might have given “Chicago Med” a run for its money if it were still around. That would be the Hugh Laurie-driven “House.” 2008 marked the year that the medical drama became the most-watched television program in the world, distributed in over 60 countries.

Some other fun facts about the series include the fact that it was among the top 10 most popular series from its second season well into its fourth season and Hugh Laurie’s Dr. House character was actually based on Sherlock Holmes.

The show also featured Jesse Spencer who contributed a lot to “Chicago Med’s” sister series “Chicago Fire.” Here’s the best of his Chase character: