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‘Chicago Med’: Here’s What That Big Maggie Twist Means for Her Future

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

Storylines have twists that can either help or hurt characters. On Chicago Med, Maggie Campbell has one of those twists happen to her.

So, what in the world does it mean for her character? Chicago Med airs on Wednesday nights on NBC. There must be something in the air about this situation. Well, let’s check in with CinemaBlend and see what is going on with Maggie, played by Marlyne Bennett.

This show finally returned with new episodes for the first time since January. And it opened up with Maggie telling Dr. Vanessa Taylor, played by Asjha Cooper, that she didn’t feel good. What were her symptoms? She wasn’t feeling well and owned up to feeling nauseous. Well, did this add up to pregnancy? They took a pregnancy test and Maggie, it appeared, would be with a child.

‘Chicago Med’ Character Goes For Ultrasound, But Finds Out Other News

So, Maggie and Vanessa went for an ultrasound on Chicago Med. Happy days are here again, right? Nope. That test showed a mass inside Maggie’s body. A doctor performing the ultrasound said it was too early to say whether it was malignant. More tests are in the future.

This worried Maggie, so Vanessa spoke up. Her words were these: “Listen, there are several tumors, many benign, that can cause hCG levels to rise and create a false positive pregnancy test.”

Oh boy. This set Maggie almost crying on Chicago Med. But she listened and heard Vanessa’s words. They offered some solace and even a little good news.

Maggie Has Had a Lot To Deal With, Including Breast Cancer, on NBC Drama

If they find something going on inside Maggie’s body, then they would have caught in the nick of time. Remember, she had to deal with breast cancer on the NBC medical drama. This situation also showed that Vanessa can be there for Maggie.

Also, recall that it was Maggie who lied for Vanessa about faking drug test results. Vanessa laid the law down and considered Maggie to be her friend.

This show continues to knock it out of the park ratings-wise. And why not! It’s part of the One Chicago franchise that airs on Wednesday nights. It kicks off a full night of shows in the franchise, followed by Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. Don’t forget that each show has a bevy of stars on them and watching how they interact with one another is just amazing.

What, though, will be happening over the rest of the new episodes that have yet to be released? Well, we all have to tune in to see what goes down. It will especially be worth watching what does happen to Maggie. Hopefully, there will be some good news for this character.