‘Chicago Med’: Here’s Why Brian Tee Only Appeared Occasionally This Season

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

Chicago Med fans may have noticed that Gaffney has been missing its new Chief of Emergency Medicine most of this season. But there is no reason for concern. The actor is merely taking a temporary break while he works on a side project.

On the season six closer of Chicago Med, Dr. Ethan Choi nearly died after being shot by a deranged patient in the ER. Choi survived the attack, but he had a rough recovery. And while the character was healing, he didn’t appear on any episodes.

The doctor made a return during episodes seven and eight, and it looked like he was back for good. But Choi pushed himself too hard, and his health started to slip again. So now Choi’s Brian Tee is taking another Chicago Med hiatus while his character undergoes a multi-level spinal fusion procedure.

Though many have wondered, Brian Tee’s break from NBC’s medical drama has nothing to do with his standing on the series. Meaning, we’re to going to be saying a final farewell to Dr. Ethan Choi any time soon. Tee renewed his contract with Chicago Med shortly after the season six finale, and he’s continuing forward as a series regular.

The reason behind Brian Tee’s disappearance is simple. He’s been working on Amazon Prime’s Expats. And NBC has been kind enough to use Choi’s storyline to accommodate the actor’s new project.

We can’t say how many more episodes Brian Tee will miss this season, though. His character’s spinal procedure has a two-month recovery time. So it’s possible he’ll be recovering off-screen for eight weeks. But if we’re lucky, he’ll make random appearances while he heals.

Yaya DaCosta Could Come Back to ‘Chicago Med’ For a Guest Appearance

Last season, Chicago Med said goodbye to fan-favorite April Sexton. And while April’s actress Yaya DaCosta made it clear that she won’t come back as a series regular, she could make a few guest appearances in the future.

Yaya DaCosta decided to leave Chicago Med after six years to pursue more challenging roles. But she didn’t walk away on bad terms, which makes fans wonder if she’ll ever come back to reprise her beloved role.

As DaCosta told TV Line in October, she’s not interested in ever making a full-time return. 

“My experience on Chicago Med was absolutely lovely,” she shared. “I loved the cast and crew. And it was difficult to leave on a personal level. But not on a professional level.”

However, the writers didn’t make DaCosta’s exit dramatic because they wanted to leave room for the actress to make an occasional return. So, it’s possible we may see April Sexton at Gaffney Medical Center at least one more time.

“We didn’t really discuss [a goodbye] because we don’t see that April is gone in the same way. In the sense that we know April’s OK,” Chicago Med showrunners explained. They also noted that April is studying to be a nurse and they believe she could come back eventually.