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‘Chicago Med’: Here’s Why Colin Donnell Left the Show

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

When it comes to actors and actresses leaving a show, oftentimes, a lot of factors play into that decision. For Mark Harmon’s Gibbs character, for example, it ultimately boiled down to the actor wanting to retire after devoting close to two decades to the project. And the “One Chicago” universe isn’t new to cast changes, either. I mean Sophia Bush just turned her back on “Chicago P.D.” what seems to be indefinitely to join a new medical drama that directly competes with “Chicago Med.” But, speaking of “Chicago Med,” whatever happened to Colin Donnell?

Colin Donnell was the man behind the character of Dr. Connor Rhodes in the medical drama series for its first four seasons. His exit after such a short period of time really threw fans for a loop with the writers completely writing him out of the show altogether. And the most shocking part? Well, apparently it wasn’t even his decision. Here’s how it reportedly went down.

‘Chicago Med’ Writers Called It a ‘Creative Decision’

A “creative decision.” You read that right and it’s gotta burn. But, apparently, that’s why we no longer get to enjoy Colin Donnell’s Dr. Connor Rhodes character on “Chicago Med.”

Donnell actually joined the cast as an original member, despite not appearing in the original pilot for the series. Instead, he made his first appearance for the 2015 TV premiere. His character was a delight, too, fueled by his passion for the job and everyone on the team. To call him a fan favorite would be an understatement.

That’s what makes the vague “creative decision” somewhat hard to process. It means the show decided not to invite Donnell back and Donnell probably didn’t have very much say in the matter.

What Are the Chances That They Bring His Character Back?

Truth be told, it’s hard to answer that question when his exit was so vague. The writers have yet to make any official comment regarding the departure. That means all that we’ve got to work with is what we saw onscreen.

Dr. Connor’s last appearance came with the Season 4 finale titled “With A Brave Heart.” Here, we found him in a doctors’ lounge where his ex-girlfriend confronted him. Played by Norma Kuhling, Dr. Ava Bekker told him that she killed his dad, Cornelius, played by D.W. Moffett. Apparently, this was her idea of a large gesture to get back together with him.

Dr. Connor didn’t really feel the sparks, maybe on account of the murder and all, so the two ended things for good. And just like that, the show carried on without mention of him again.

Perhaps we’ll get some more answers next season, but for now, it looks like Donnell is down and out.