‘Chicago Med’: How Many Spinoffs Has Star Oliver Platt Appeared In?

by Joe Rutland

For Chicago Med actor Oliver Platt, he has appeared in a number of the show’s episodes. How many of its spinoffs has he been on, too?

Let’s take a look when it comes to Platt, who plays Dr. Daniel Charles on the NBC drama. We will get a little help from Looper on this matter, too.

Platt has been on in nine episodes of Chicago P.D. and seven installments of Chicago Fire. All of these are part of the One Chicago franchise started by creator and executive producer Dick Wolf.

Right now, Platt and his fellow actors are off from having original Chicago Med episodes air on NBC. If you did not know, then the Winter Olympics from Beijing are taking up programming time. Once the Winter Games are done, then the episodes will return and you can catch up with Dr. Charles and the staff.

‘Chicago Med’ Star Talks About Why He Agreed To Appear In Series

Actors get to their new roles in interesting ways. So, just how did the Chicago Med actor go about agreeing to be on the series?

It all goes back to a time when Platt and Wolf worked together on another show. The actor discussed this with The Hollywood Reporter

“Dick and I did another show together way back in 2000,” Platt said and it was Deadline. “It was actually my first adventure in network television and the show that we worked on was not a success. But Dick and I formed a very real friendship and I have [a] tremendous respect for Dick as a producer.”

Yes, Deadline did not go past 13 episodes. Platt did say that he learned a major lesson that would bring him back into working with the impressive Wolf.

“One of the things I learned working with him… was actually how much I loved working in television,” Platt said. “So here we are 15 years later, Dick called me up and said, ‘I’ve got this part for you.’ When Mr. Wolf calls, you pick up the phone. I was only too thrilled to get that call.”

Having Psychiatrist As Part Of Work On Hospital Show Surprised Platt

So far, his work on Chicago Med continues to be loved by fans. It also speaks volumes for the respect Wolf has for the actor that he would be sharing time on the show’s spinoffs.

Platt admits that he was surprised Wolf would actually make a psychiatrist into the main character. But that’s just what the creator ended up doing.

“As somebody who grew up with great medical dramas like St. Elsewhere and ER … there’s never been a psychiatrist as a primary member of the ensemble,” Platt said. “It was such a smart idea of Dick’s.”