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‘Chicago Med’: Is Brian Tee Leaving the Series?

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for SCAD aTVfest 2020)

Last season, the “One Chicago” series ended on several cliffhangers across the board. Now, as we delve further into the latest seasons of “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago Med,” and “Chicago PD,” some of our favorite characters have faced some pretty brutal challenges.

Now, “Chicago Med” fan-favorite Dr. Ethan Choi makes minimal appearances this season. This has led fans to worry whether or not the doctor is leaving the series permanently.

Season 6 of “Chicago Med” saw Choi suffer a gunshot wound to the chest by a crazed patient. The injury placed him under critical condition. Now, the doctor has begun to recover physically. However,] it remains questionable when and if he’ll retain his previous station within the hospital.

For now, we can promise worried Outsiders that Choi will make appearances later this season. During a TVLine interview, executive producer Diane Frolov said of upcoming episodes, “We have a couple of episodes devoted to [Choi’s] physical recovery, and then we’ll pursue the emotional and mental recovery.”

Further, while Ethan Choi actor Brian Tee has maintained an incredibly low profile on “Chicago Med” this season, it’s not because he has plans to leave. At least that we know of yet. CarterMatt.com reports Tee is actually in the middle of working on another project. The site stated “Chicago Med” producers were well aware of Tee’s latest project prior to filming for the latest season. As a way to accommodate the actor’s surely busy schedule, producers have maintained the doctor’s low profile on the show for this reason.

So for now, we can positively say Brian Tee has no plan to leave the set of “Chicago Med.”

‘Chicago Med’ Season 7 Welcomes New Fan-Favorite Dr. Dylan Scott

Prior to the premiere of “Chicago Med” Season 7, cast and crew members saw heavy turnover. Fan favorites Torrey DeVitto and Yaya DaCosta left abruptly right before season 7. From their departures, however, came new cast member Guy Lockard, playing the role of pediatric doctor Dylan Scott. In just the few episodes that have aired since the premiere, fans have already fallen in love with the character.

On “Chicago Med,” Lockard’s character has stolen hearts of “One Chicago” fans. He consistently displays a friendly personality and gentle demeanor with the hospital’s young patients. It further seems as though the actor himself takes pride in his character outside the show. Wolf Entertainment, responsible for producing the NBC hit, previously shared a photo of Dr. Scott’s actual telescope, which Guy Lockard designed himself.

The bright orange instrument features several sweet buttons, including a rocket ship alongside Saturn as well as a sweet pink dinosaur.

Interestingly, however, Lockard is in no way new to the series. The actor previously made his debut with “One Chicago” in a season 8 episode of “Chicago Fire.” During the intense episode, Lockard’s character plays the role of a concerned dad, chaining himself to one of Firehouse 51’s trucks as his neighborhood’s local fire station recently shut down.

Over on “Chicago Med,” we learn Scott is an ex-police officer, with roots in a police family. Within the hospital, Scott works to complete a dual residency in pediatrics and emergency medicine.