‘Chicago Med’ Star Nick Gehlfuss Revealed How Show Worked Around COVID-19, Masks

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

We all know the world changed immensely during COVID-19. As the world dealt with the pandemic, much of the world shut down. It almost entirely shifted the way each one of us operates in the world. These changes were especially apparent for those who work in the medical field. During the height of COVID-19, it was rare that anyone saw a member of the medical community sans mask. And, notes one Chicago Med star, these new protocols affected the cast of the hit series as well.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continued and restrictions loosened, the Chicago Med crew returned to work. However, the crew knew as they returned, some of the storylines the show would be covering would be related to COVID-19. This, notes one of the show’s stars, Nick Gehlfuss, created a conundrum.

While excited to return, the cast and crew of the popular drama also knew they had adjustments to make. Especially if they wanted to shoot scenes without their faces being covered with a protective mask.

“So, Chicago Med is under a whole new dynamic in protocol,” says Nick Gehlfuss of Chicago Med’s post-COVID-19 episodes.

But, notes Gehlfuss, who portrays Dr. Will Halstead in the popular series, some adjustments had to be made.

‘Chicago Med’ Faces A Number of Post COVID-19 Challenges

Gehlfuss notes, that these changes are necessary. But they also let members of the cast film scenes without wearing a mask says Gehlfuss.

“It helps us understand the protocols in coming into work and how a doctor is admitted into the hospital from off site,” the star explains. “It’s a whole sequence that’s pretty cool that we shot.”

Nick Gehlfuss goes on to note that while the Chicago Med doctors are certainly facing storylines that center around COVID-19, it isn’t the sole focus of the NBC drama.

“As you can imagine, the doctors are dealing with a new dynamic and the virus in many different ways,” says Gehlfuss. The star adds that the show will definitely address these issues.

Finding the Right Balance

“We’ll navigate all of that,” he continues noting that the show is working hard to balance COVID-19 storylines with other topics fans are used to.

“We’ll definitely be having COVID stories, but also balancing well with what fans have come to expect,” the actor explains. “The show is really separated into a COVID ward where all the patients are sent to and then the ED (Emergency Department) is COVID free.”

It is these added cautions that allow the Chicago Med actors to film some of the scenes sans medical masks.

“Everyone is tested before they come in, as are the doctors and the staff,” says Gehlfuss. “So, that is a big difference and gives us the ability to work without masks a little bit because it’s pretty true that everyone on set is tested.”