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‘Chicago Med’ Once Featured a Classic Hollywood Icon

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images)

A lot of actors have played different roles on Chicago Med over the seasons. One of the best ones involved a Classic Hollywood icon indeed.

Who was it? Hey, we’re going to tell you that it was Malcolm McDowell of A Clockwork Orange fame. Let’s see what went down here with some help from The List.

McDowell was tapped to play on Chicago Med a character named Dr. Jaffrey. According to an article from The Hollywood Reporter, the character is “a distinguished, erudite, world-renowned heart surgeon.” He’s also the mentor of Dr. Bekkar, played by Norma Kuhling.

‘Chicago Med’ Appearance From Malcolm McDowell Happens In Season 3

Now, he appeared in a Season 3 episode titled On Shaky Ground. The episode aired in 2018 and finds Dr. Rhodes, played by Colin Donnell, a rival of Bekkar, must do a complicated surgery on Jaffrey. 

It appears that Malcolm McDowell appearing on Chicago Med was a smash hit. In fact, fan-site One Chicago Center calls it one of the best guest appearances that season. A story from the site also states it was a coup for the NBC medical drama to get an actor like him.

McDowell’s testy medic on Chicago Med also brings Bekkar and Rhodes together for the first time ever. Jaffrey upsets Bekkar so much that Rhodes feels compelled to defend her honor. That’s why he did the surgery, not Bekkar.  

British Actor Usually Picks Darker Fare Like Working With Rob Zombie

Malcolm McDowell is one sharp British actor. With that charisma, Chicago Med regulars had fun playing off of the actor, too. Usually, McDowell goes with darker projects like working Rob Zombie on his Halloween movies. He also provided his voice as literal Death in Castlevania.

This cat has had a long, winding, fantastic career. McDowell’s work is still admired by moviegoers. This show, though, adds some TV cred to his resume’. Right now, Chicago Med is one of those NBC shows that is not being aired on the Peacock Network. Why? Well, the Winter Olympics from Beijing still is rolling along.

When will the shows return to NBC? We say shows because this one is part of the One Chicago franchise overseen by Dick Wolf. Look for them to return in late February. The shows include Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D.

Let’s bring up another actor on the show. You see, Oliver Platt, the staff psychiatrist on Chicago Med, is a distinguished actor. Heck, he played on Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing.

If you’re a fan of The West Wing, then you know Platt from playing Oliver Babish, legal counsel to President Jed Bartlet, played by Martin Sheen. Platt’s Babish had a Windy City background, which made him a natural for Chicago Med.