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‘Chicago Med’: One Star Also Appeared in a Minor Role on ‘Blue Bloods’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)

When stars on Chicago Med appear on other shows, it is worth taking note. Blue Bloods had one of the NBC show’s stars on there.

This star is named Nick Gehlfuss. Let’s see what is going on with some help from Looper. Let’s take a look at a 2011 show titled Thanksgiving. Gehlfuss appears as Jimmy the Bookie in an uncredited role.

In the episode, a girl falls and dies from her apartment. Also, Henry Reagan, played by Len Cariou, suffers a stroke and ends up in the hospital. Further, Anthony Renzulli, played by Nick Turturro, attempts to get his gambling addiction under control. This would lead to Gehlfuss’ role as someone who is rather keen on debts and wagers.

‘Chicago Med’ Actor Got Chance on CBS Before Landing On NBC Show

The Chicago Med actor also has been in Person of Interest, The Glades, and Rizzoli & Isles. He got his big break on Showtime’s rambunctious series Shameless, which eventually led to his tenure on Chicago Med as Dr. Will Halstead.

Fans of the One Chicago franchise may recognize the last name Halstead. See, the doctor is the brother of one of the main characters on Chicago P.D. and has appeared on not only that show but also Chicago Fire. Generally, it seems that viewers have been seeing Gehlfuss pop up long before his starring role as one of the prolific Halstead family members on Chicago Med.

Right now, Blue Bloods is in Season 12. The show has a procedural style format that sees self-contained episodes about a certain victim or crime that gets resolved in the episode. The Reagan family of cops has their trademark Sunday dinner where they discuss relationships and current events.

Storylines on CBS Show Do Happen To Appear Throughout It

So, storylines run through the show each episode. Blue Bloods happens to make sure the storylines just flow through each one.

So, this season has had some special guest stars. They include Jimmy Buffett, Lyle Lovett, and Callie Thorne act as a con artist, a Texas Ranger, and a psychic medium, respectively.

This Chicago Med actor appeared on the show, too. As for the NBC hospital show, it will be on NBC again after the Winter Olympics. What about another Chicago Med actor who showed up in another show? Brian Tee is his name.

It’s true and the show was JAG by the way. We’ll get some more information about this with a little help from Looper. But there were other roles early on and we will just look at a few of them. Besides that role on JAG, Tee had his first role in a 2000 film starring Garry Shandling called What Planet Are You From?