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‘Chicago Med’: See How a Tense Surgery Scene Goes From the Page to the Screen

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

The One Chicago franchise certainly gives us some of television’s most tension-filled scenes. Between Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD Wednesday evenings on NBC take us into the world of some brave first-responders giving their all to save lives.

The action can be so intense sometimes that it can be hard to remember that what we are watching is a fictional drama. One that once started out as words written on a page in a script. It makes us realize the talent that goes into filming any of the One Chicago franchise hits…taking the script from page to screen.

Watching the Magic As the Stars Take the Action From Script to Screen

Recently, the Wolf Entertainment Instagram page shared an Instagram post giving us a brief overview of how this happens. Or, rather, showing us what it looks like when the One Chicago showrunners and actors give it their all. Putting the written words to action as the Chicago Med team goes “script to screen.”

It is just a 35-second clip depicting a tense surgery within the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center as some of our favorite Chicago Med surgeons work diligently on a patient who is having some major arm surgery. As we watch the moment unfold at the top of the screen, the script directions play out underneath. Take a look below.

It’s a fascinating way to view a Chicago Med scene. Each minor detail is written out on the page and the actors play it out perfectly. The script includes directions most viewers don’t even consider as the Chicago Med surgeons work on their patient. Directions such as “Arthur shakes his head at Darius, feeling awful for the kid. He takes a deep breath and starts to rally.” It’s an intense and affecting scene, for sure. But each one of the Chicago Med players follows the script directions to a tee, giving us some amazing primetime drama.

‘Chicago Med’ Star Has The Most ‘PD’ Appearances To Date

The One Chicago franchise is one of television’s most successful. Created by Dick Wolf, the mind behind some hit primetime dramas such as the Law & Order shows, and FBI, the One Chicago franchise is no doubt a fan favorite. And, with so many installations within the One Chicago universe, it’s certainly no surprise that there would be plenty of character crossover between the shows.

And, it is one Chicago Med star who holds the record for several cross-over appearances within the franchise…Nick Gehlfuss.

(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

Nick Gehlfuss portrays Dr. Will Halstead in the popular medical drama. Now, what’s interesting is Gehlfuss’s character is the brother to another One Chicago character, Chicago PD’s Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer). This is much of the reason as to why Gehlfuss has made so many crossover appearances over the years. In total, Gehlfuss has crossed over into 17 episodes of Chicago PD and 20 Chicago Fire episodes.