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‘Chicago Med’ Star Brian Tee Once Guest Starred on an ‘NCIS’ Predecessor

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Brian Tee is a beloved cast member on Chicago Med. Did you know, though, that he was a guest star on a show that was the NCIS predecessor?

It’s true and the show was JAG by the way. We’ll get some more information about this with a little help from Looper. But there were other roles early on and we will just look at a few of them.

Besides that role on JAG, Tee had his first role in a 2000 film starring Garry Shandling called What Planet Are You From? Tee played an alien from Shandling’s home planet in an uncredited background part.

‘Chicago Med’ Actor Says That He Does Have Fond Memories of Early Career

Tee told Eerie Digest that he had some fond memories of his early career, saying that although he was “very green at the time, I felt like I belonged.”

Other parts for the Chicago Med Dr. Ethan Choi actor early on included Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Austin Powers in Goldmember, and the soap opera Passions. Then he got a role as Pfc. Jimmy Nakayama in a Mel Gibson war film titled We Were Soldiers

Of course, Tee has done other film and TV work in his career. Still, Chicago Med fans do love seeing him show up on their TV sets. And they will be looking for more of him on the show once it comes back from hiatus. Yes, NBC is showing the Winter Olympics right now and the regular shows are not on right now.

Tee Says Fans Can Expect To See Different Ethan Choi When He Returns

Now, Chicago Med fans remember that in last season’s finale, it almost was a finale for the Choi character. He was shot and nearly killed. This season, there have been a couple of appearances but not a full comeback to the show.

Expect some changes for Choi. Tee talked about it in an interview with TV Insider.

“Physically he’s getting stronger and back in shape,” Tee said. “But it’s much more of the mental that he has to work on. What he’s gone through and is still going through can really change a person, so you’ll see a different Ethan than fans are used to when he returns.”

And there is even more healing that Choi continues to go through. He’s been battling PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, for a period of time.

“Ethan has been seriously dealing with PTSD since Season One,” Tee said. “It’s a continual process.

“But I think any trauma such as the one Ethan [recently] experienced would make anyone reflect on life,” the actor said. That’s quite a lot for one character to deal with in their storyline.