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‘Chicago Med’ Star Brian Tee Opened Up About His Life-Long Dream to Be an Actor

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for SCAD aTVfest 2020)

Chicago Med actor Brian Tee knew he wanted to be an actor from a very young age. He once opened up about how he got to where he is, and what made him want to act. Tee plays Dr. Choi on Chicago Med, who happens to be a huge fan favorite.

“[A]s a child, I always had dreamed of being an actor, but as time went by, I slowly drifted away from those unfiltered and pure dreams you have as a kid,” he said in a 2012 interview with The Eerie Digest. But when he was at Cal State, he decided to try acting out again. “I chose to take an acting class … ‘Acting for non-majors,’ to be exact. I thought … ‘An easy A!'”

But that class really re-ignited his passion for acting and lead him down a completely different career path.

Tee has been pretty absent from Chicago Med this season, but his character recently made his return. On the show, Dr. Choi was recovering from injuries (both mental and physical) that he sustained in the finale of the previous season.

In real life, Choi got the opportunity to star in Amazon’s Expats alongside Nicole Kidman and Ji-Young Yoo. It’s a huge opportunity, and fans are excited to see him in it.

Tee Has Teased ‘Chicago Med’ Fans Should Prepare for a Different Dr. Choi

Dr. Choi underwent quite a trauma after getting shot at the hospital, so needless to say, he’s going to be a bit different than he used to be. You don’t bounce back from an event like that unchanged. We’ve already seen that Dr. Choi’s a bit different, but Brian Tee teased that we’ll really get to see it as the season progresses.

“Physically he’s getting stronger and back in shape. But it’s much more of the mental that he has to work on. What he’s gone through and is still going through can really change a person, so you’ll see a different Ethan than fans are used to when he returns,” Tee said in an interview with TV Insider.

Dr. Choi’s return also introduced us to his father, which gave us a bit more insight into who he is. Now, we’ll just have to wait for more episodes to see more of this new Dr. Choi.

And we’ll have to wait a while. Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD are all on a hiatus while NBC airs the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing. That means we won’t get new episodes of Chicago Med until it makes its return on Wednesday, February 23rd at 8/7 central.