‘Chicago Med’ Star Oliver Platt Once Starred Opposite Kiefer Sutherland in an Action Film

by Anna Dunn

Chicago Med star Oliver Platt once starred opposite Keifer Sutherland in an action film. Platt is known for playing Dr. Daniel Charles on Chicago Med, but he’s had quite the career outside of it.

In 1993, Platt played a Musketeer in The Three Musketeers alongside Keifer Sutherland. He played swordsman Porthos in the big-budget Alexandre Dumas film. Not only did he star alongside Keifer Sutherland, but he also starred alongside Charlie Sheen and Chris O’Donnell.

He went on to have an incredibly successful career across multiple films and TV shows including The West Wing, The Ten, Nip/Tuck, Bored to Death, Fargo and The Good Wife.

Now, Chicago Med fans are lucky to have him. Seriously, it’s hard to imagine a Chicago Med without Dr. Daniel Charles. The head of Psychiatry at the clinic has been there since season one, so at this point, he’s practically a series staple.

Here’s how One ‘Chicago Med’ Actor Got the Role

While Oliver Platt had tons of name recognition going into his Chicago Med role, one of his co-stars only managed to land her Chicago Med role after auditioning for Chicago PD. Marlyne Barrett, who plays Maggie Lockwood, had taken some years off acting before getting her Chicago Med role.

“I had taken some years off from acting, because of an unfortunate personal tragedy that had happened in my life. I often thought that I was going to not return to acting after,” she said in an interview with talknerdywithus.

She had been a huge fan of Producer Dick Wolf and his shows for a while. Of course, Dick Wolf is famous for creating both the Law & Order and One Chicago franchises. So she felt incredibly lucky that she got the opportunity to audition for another Chicago show.

“It’s a combination of what I call a divine appointment in time, what I call a kairos time, and just destiny opening up because I don’t know how they knew I was available,” she said. “I had auditioned for some spots on Chicago P.D., but by no means did they know I was available for full time, let alone for full-time as a charge nurse and ready to move to Chicago. They had as much faith as I did.”

Now, she’s on Chicago Med alongside actors like Oliver Platt. Also, she actually has a nursing degree, so she’s kind of perfect for the role.

If you want to watch Chicago Med, new episodes won’t be coming out during the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. But you can stream old episodes of Chicago Med, Chicago PD, and Chicago Fire on Peacock.