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‘Chicago Med’: Watch Avery’s Intake Scene As It Was Filmed Behind-the-Scenes

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Of all Outsiders’ favorite network television series, “One Chicago” does a phenomenal job providing fans behind-the-scenes perspectives to the making of some of the shows’ intense scenes. “Chicago Fire‘s” special effects team previously invited fans behind the scenes of some of the fire crew’s most unique rescues. Meanwhile, “Chicago P.D.” has shared insight into some of the officers’ dangerous encounters. Now, “Chicago Med” takes us behind the scenes of Avery’s intake at the hospital as the segment was actually filmed.

For those who need a reminder, Wednesday night’s save (one of several) came via one of our doctor‘s daughters, Avery, the daughter of Dr. Blake. In the episode, Avery arrives at “Chicago Med” needing surgery. Dr. Marcel performs the surgery though, later, she experiences extreme pain surrounding the surgical area. In the end, all ends as it should, though we’re more interested in Wolf Entertainment’s behind-the-scenes sneak-peek.

The sneak-peeks always provide interesting insight and perspective to “Chicago Med” and the rest of the franchise. However, the lack of noise and chaos during filming creates an interesting contradiction compared to what we see on screen.

Three main lines stand out in the clip. “We’re gonna take good care of you, okay?” followed by “It hurts so much,” capped by a director’s abrupt announcement, “Cut!”

Overall, it’s exactly what we picture filming to look like, yet, when actually viewing it, it appears strange.

‘Chicago Med’ Episode Inspired by Real-Life Mental Health Crisis

We applaud “Chicago Med” for many of its attributes. But, one dynamic feature within both the show and its franchise is its dedication to authenticity. So much of what takes place on screens gets inspiration from events writers and other show personnel witness first-hand.

The most recent real-life inspired scene took place when a wrongfully schizophrenia-diagnosed individual has a mental breakdown. We later learn the character had been overmedicated. The intense scene featured the individual as he had an episode in a public space, law enforcement surrounding the man guns drawn.

Fortunately, one of “Chicago Med’s” newest characters, pediatric surgeon Dylan Scott, steps in, deescalating the situation. In the end, the ill individual calms down, Scott embracing him on the sidewalk. The scene points to contemporary social issues surrounding law enforcement and the stigma against mental illness overall.

Of the scene, Scott’s actor, Guy Lockard, said the episode was “Hard for me to watch…having the guns in my face was…not fun. Even though I knew they didn’t have any bullets.” Lockard’s sentiments provide slight insight as to the unfolding of current events on the nation’s streets every day.

Further, Wolf Entertainment said, “It is important to our team to highlight real-world issues no matter how painful or tragic.”