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‘Chicago PD’: All the Reasons Why LaRoyce Hawkins’ Kevin Atwater Might Be Leaving

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

LaRoyce Hawkins’ character Kevin Atwater on Chicago PD has been there since the series debuted. Nonetheless, newer episodes illustrate the job may be taking a toll on Atwater. In fact, many seem to think these challenges may culminate in him leaving the show.

Chicago PD fans think Atwater’s tenure on the show may be coming to an end if recent episodes are any indicator. For example, a recent one had him lie to a woman, Celeste, about his profession since she doesn’t like cops. While this in and of itself isn’t concrete evidence, it may disrupt his work life. Additionally, dismissing your profession in such a way isn’t something one who is particularly happy with their job would do.

The Cinemaholic examines the character and his past actions for an idea of what he might do. Atwater began as a patrol cop but made his way to Voight’s Intelligence Unit shortly after the series began. He’s efficient and methodical, but also emotionally charged, depending on the case and subject matter. One of his most defining characteristics though is his honesty.

Lying to Celeste, for example, proves difficult for him and he almost reveals his identity to her. The two clearly are hitting it off, but could that mean Atwater would leave his post for her? It’s possible but difficult to say.

Recent interviews suggest LaRoyce Hawkins will be staying. The Cinemaholic cites showrunner Rich Eid suggesting Kevin may find love with Celeste in season 9. On top of that, just this month Hawkins mentioned in an interview Kevin’s new relationship is unique in that it’s not between two cops.

While it’s very possible Hawkins may eventually leave, it doesn’t appear it will be during season 9.

LaRoyce Hawkins Discusses Atwater not Telling Celeste his Secret

Given how honest Kevin Atwater is on Chicago PD, it may have surprised fans he didn’t disclose his profession to Celeste. LaRoyce Hawkins spoke about his character’s decision and why it wasn’t the right time.

On top of Celeste not liking cops, after two of her art students are killed, Hawkins is on the case. Juggling his budding relationship with her while keeping his job a secret, he finds himself in a complicated spot. Speaking to TV Insider, Hawkins discussed the issue.

“He went in thinking, ‘I gotta let her know,’ and it becomes easier not to. For both of them, it becomes easier for them to just find the safest space they can with each other because the main thing that I know we’re all as a cast and crew working towards for this season is home. What does home mean? What does home feel like for every character?” he stated.

Elaborating, Hawkins goes on to say “Home is different. Home isn’t just where the heart is, but where you feel the safest, and in that moment, Atwater decides to choose safety over the secret. They do their best with it from there.”

Time will tell how Atwater and Celeste’s relationship will progress.