‘Chicago PD’: Atwater Appeared in Almost Every Episode Except One

by Shelby Scott

“Chicago PD” is currently on a temporary hiatus as its host network, NBC, wraps up airing the 2022 Winter Olympics. Now, with the police drama returning next week, we took a moment to explore one fan-favorite “Chicago PD” character. Kevin Atwater, played by actor LaRoyce Hawkins, has appeared in every single episode throughout the series’ nine seasons except one. And we’re here to remind you which one that is.

Throughout season nine, Atwater has taken a backseat to other headlining characters. The early part of the season put a heavy focus on Hank Voight, Jay Halstead, and Hailey Upton. But, when “Chicago PD” returned from its midseason hiatus last month, showrunners pivoted our attention. Now, we’re more closely following the other series’ stars, especially as Kevin Atwater navigates a relatively new relationship.

Atwater plays a pivotal role in “Chicago PD,” often informing more contemporary social issues explored within the show. As such, he’s starred in every single episode except one, which, as per Looper, took place back in season two.

Entitled “Erin’s Mom,” the episode features the department’s investigation of a rental company’s “rather questionable customer.” During the episode, a long-running investigation turns into a robbery-homicide and things proceed from there.

Aside from this twist-of-events situation, Atwater has remained steadfast in his dedication to the Chicago Police Department. Additionally, the character has appeared on 12 episodes of other “One Chicago” series. Past appearances took place on “Chicago Fire” and the long-canceled series, “Chicago Justice.”

We can’t wait to see how the character further develops as we head deeper into season nine of “Chicago PD.”

‘Chicago PD’ to Air a ‘Really Crazy Episode’ for Upton

The latter half of season nine of “Chicago PD” has placed a major emphasis on several of the unit’s officers, primarily Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek. The next brand new episode promises to feature an intense custody battle as the not-couple fights to keep their adopted daughter, Makayla.

However, “Chicago PD” actress, Tracy Spiradakos, known for her role as Hailey Upton, previewed for fans one “really crazy episode” when the series returns.

The next new episode of “Chicago PD” airs on Wednesday, February 23rd during its usual time slot. Entitled “Still Water,” the upcoming episode puts an emphasis on Upton among Burgess and Ruzek’s custody battle.

The synopsis reads, “While out for a jog, Upton witnesses a horrible car crash and risks her own life to save the passengers; after learning more about the victims, the team must track down the man responsible for the brutal crash.”

While “Chicago PD” has a way of keeping things exciting with each new episode, it’s always more interesting when our favorite characters are directly involved with the latest calls and rescues. So be sure to tune in next Wednesday when Upton, quite literally, jumps into action.