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‘Chicago P.D.’: Atwater Has a New Love Interest in Episode 5

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)

During Wednesday night’s episode, Chicago P.D. fans were introduced to a new character who turned out to be Officer Kevin Atwater’s new love interest. However, their relationship becomes extremely complicated from the start.

Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) meets a woman named Celeste (Amanda Payton) at a local bar, and the pair end up going home together. The next morning, they continue to learn more about each other. Celeste is a social activist and art teacher who works with inner-city teenagers. Yet Atwater kept quiet about being a police officer in fear of her reacting poorly to the news.

As Atwater’s team investigates a fatal drive-by shooting, he finds out that the new woman in his life works with the at-risk teens who are suspects. Not wanting to blow his cover, he has Officer Ruzek question Celeste in his place. But Celeste refused to dish much information on the teens without further proof of their involvement.

The Chicago P.D. officer continues on with the ruse, and doesn’t tell Celeste he’s a cop. In fact, he agrees to wear a wire and try to get more information out of Celeste. Not exactly the smooth start to a new romantic relationship that Atwater was likely looking for.

As arrests are made, Atwater takes in the suspected shooters’ getaway driver. The teen’s own gang guns him down to keep him from talking, and Celeste holds herself personally responsible. During an impassioned talk between Atwater and Celeste, the officer almost tells the truth about his line of work. But she cuts him off before he can reveal his true profession.

Each of the characters have their own internal struggles. It’s a beyond complicated start to the new relationship, and one that will surely be on Chicago P.D. fans’ minds going into Episode 6 next week.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Star Opens Up About His New Love Interest

While speaking to TV Line earlier this week, Chicago P.D. star LaRoyce Hawkins shared details about the introduction of Celeste to the show. It’s been more than three seasons since Hawkins’ character Officer Atwater has had a love interest. But this time around, the show is digging a bit deeper into the relationship.

Typically, Chicago P.D. presents love stories as in-house relationships between officers. With Celeste though, the hit NBC drama is taking Atwater’s romance out of the precinct. The show is making a conscious effort to represent the nuances of Chicago as a city. Therefore they’re leaning heavily into Chicago’s inner-city culture and community.

Hawkins calls his romance with Celeste “unique” and “layered” when speaking about Episode 5’s introduction of Celeste.

“You’ll see something unique from the type of love that we’ve told about historically. Most of the love that that we see is blue, between partners,” Hawkins explained to TV Insider. “It feels something like a crisis bond naturally between one cop to another, which obviously our audience loves. And obviously we know how to do that very well. But this is something different. This love isn’t blue at all. It’s very Black and it’s layered.”