‘Chicago PD’: Biggest Questions Fans Need Answered Before Next Season

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

Some of our favorite shows’ leave us with more questions than answers as we wait for the next season to premiere. One of those is “Chicago PD.” Recently, fans shared their biggest questions with One Chicago Center prior to the September premiere of the show’s 9th season.

According to the site, they had previously asked fans what was at the top of their wishlists when it came to potential endeavors, storylines, and situations concerning “Chicago PD” main characters. Following publication for One Chicago‘s request, they were met with a whole load of concept ideas. The site shared some of the biggest ideas.

For fans, season 9 should consist of a lot of unique character interactions and experiences. One of those requests surrounds Sergeant Hank Voight. One fan, Mary, said, there should be “more interaction between political figures and Voight, like in season 6 with Alderman Ray Price.”

Political interactions among the One Chicago franchise are always interesting as it typically involves crossovers between the franchise’s three shows. Additionally, Chicago FD’s Captain Matt Casey previously served as Alderman which would have served up some interesting political interactions.

Another fan was adamant that the new season should feature Kim Burgess’s recovery from the season 8 shooting. Contrastly, she appeared angered by the idea of a time jump. Bre said “Chicago PD” should “actually show Burgess’s recovery, not jump right back to her being all healed and ready to go as the season begins.” We hear you and support you Bre.

Meanwhile, other fans had simpler, easier requests. “Chicago PD” fan Ashley said, “MORE TRUDY! We need more Trudy!” As someone who frequents “Chicago Fire” most out of the One Chicago franchise, and where Officer Trudy makes common appearances, I couldn’t agree more. The woman is truly a show powerhouse.

‘Chicago PD’ Fans May Experience a Time Jump for the Season 9 Premiere

Fans shared wishes that Officer Kim Burgess comes back amid her recovery from season 8’s shooting to confront her trauma. However, it very well appears fans may be disappointed. The One Chicago Center recently shared an Instagram post featuring Officer Kim Burgess actress, Marina Squerciati.

Apparently, it seems she will return to the set of “Chicago PD.” However, the franchise speculated that season 9 will open following Burgess’s physical recovery. And while PTSD is very real, especially for the character who was shot, it’s important for fans to watch the reality of their favorite characters’ physical recovery as well.

Nevertheless, at least we can breathe a small sigh of relief. It appears Squerciati is returning to the set of “Chicago PD” and that the entire main cast is as well.

Additionally, fans get to watch Deputy Superintendant Samantha Miller (played by Nicole Ari Parker) work through her own trauma this season. The character saw major forerunning parts following the death of her son. Overall then, fans may not have their exact wishes granted. Nevertheless, the new season is shaping up to be a dynamic, exciting one.