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‘Chicago PD’: Burgess’ Sonogram Was Actually Co-Executive Producer Chad Saxton’s Child

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

Over its nine seasons on NBC, “Chicago PD” showrunners, writers, and producers have remained pretty transparent regarding some of the tricks that take place behind the scenes that contribute to the show’s most important storylines. Most recently, we learned Officer Kim Burgess’s sonogram in season seven actually belonged to series co-executive producer Chad Saxton‘s wife.

How cool is that? Producers could have gone a less personal route and obtained a random sonogram in some fashion. However, Burgess, played by Marina Squerciati, had happened to be as far along in her pregnancy as Saxton’s wife when filming.

In speaking with Wolf Entertainment, Saxton shared his experience of revealing the news of his wife’s pregnancy while filming.

“I had no idea that was going to happen,” the “Chicago PD” exec shared. “I randomly landed that episode.”

He added, “I talked to the prop master and was like, ‘Hey, you know it’s kind of interesting timing. My wife’s most recent sonogram was the exact amount of weeks we needed for the scene.'”

Afterward, he shared no one knew about his and his wife’s own pregnancy until Burgess’s episode aired later that year.

If you’re interested in going back and taking a look at that scene, “Chicago PD” fans should rewind to season seven, episode 11, “43rd and Normal.”

It was then that Burgess and Adam Ruzek experienced the reality that they were having a baby together. Or, at least, someone was.

Burgess Faces a Hard Road in ‘Chicago PD’ Episode 14

Speaking of Burgess, things aren’t exactly easy for the “Chicago PD” character right now. Season nine kicked off on a low note after she sustained a gunshot in season eight. Now, she has physically recovered and continues to endure mental trauma on occasion. However, trouble is knocking once again, this time in the form of her adopted daughter Makayla’s uncle.

Makayla’s uncle first appeared several episodes ago, creepily passing her stickers through the fence surrounding her school. And, despite the less than acceptable first contact, he’s now fighting Burgess for sole custody.

That said, “Chicago PD’s” 14th episode will finally see the officer head to court, where she’ll have to stand up in front of a judge and explain why she’s the best guardian for Makayla. Simultaneously, she and Ruzek will have to make sure her home is absolutely perfect to prevent the court from removing the young girl from Burgess’s custody.

Fortunately, the fan-favorite character has the ever-persistent support of Adam Ruzek, not to mention the familial support from the “Chicago PD” unit.

Tune in on Wednesday to follow Burgess’s custody battle and the latest “Chicago PD” investigation.