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‘Chicago PD’: Burzek May Have Some Heartbreaking Moments in Episode 15

by Joe Rutland
(JIM YOUNG/AFP via Getty Images)

Oof, there’s a chance that our favorite couple Burzek might have some rather sad moments coming up in the next episode of Chicago PD.

Burzek happens to be a blend of names with Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek. Burgess is played by Marina Squerciati in the NBC police drama. Ruzek is played by Patrick John Flueger. Let’s get more details about this with some help from TV Insider.

Now, looking back on the most recent Episode 14 of Chicago PD, it looked like there was going to be heartbreak over the custody battle for Makayla. It was discovered that her uncle was on the father’s side. That would be Theo, played by Derek Webster, who was visiting her at school.

‘Chicago PD’ Characters Burgess and Ruzek Get Some News, Big Shock

Still, Burgess was fighting for custody. At the end of the episode, Burgess and Ruzek won custody. “Bottom line is who the child’s most bonded with, so she’s ours,” Burgess said. When they got upstairs to party, they found a babysitter bleeding. She said to Burgess “They took her” after finding Makayla not in her room.

Chicago PD will be busy in Episode 15. A promo has Burgess saying, “Makayla’s gone. Somebody took her, Adam!” Ruzek says, “Hope is not lost. You gotta be in this moment right now.” We also hear Sergeant Hank Voight, played by Jason Beghe, say, “There is still time.”

Burgess breaks into a building and checks under blankets. The show promo shows that Burgess and Ruzek will be aggressively confronting people. Also, we probably can expect a Burzek moment and it could be a heartbreaking one.

Episode 15 Definitely Puts Focus On Makayla’s Father Theo

Episode 15 is titled Gone. Now, NBC is teasing that “the unit scrambles to search for one of their own who is in grave danger.” We want to know who took Makayla on Chicago PD.

Theo might have done this himself. He does not seem like the type to do so or to hire someone to do so.

Still, Theo is the obvious choice. But we do have more questions about this situation. Remember: this show is just part of the One Chicago franchise overseen by Dick Wolf. There always are dramatic moments, too. Is this related to one of Burgess or Ruzek’s cases? Is this related to Makayla’s family?

Will Burgess still have custody of Makayla by the end of the next episode, or might this cause the judge to reverse her decision — or Burgess to make a heartbreaking one? We have more questions but the answers will arrive in watching Episode 15 this season on Chicago PD. It is always worth tuning into and seeing how Burzek handles this life-changing situation.