‘Chicago PD’: Can Hailey Upton Face Charges for Shooting Roy Walton?

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

With a storyline heating up around the death of Roy Walton on Chicago PD, can Detective Hailey Upton face charges?

Let’s take a look at what’s going on, Outsiders, with an assist from One Chicago Center. The short answer to the question? Yes, but there’s more to the picture. When you Hank Voight and Jay Halstead into the mix, then we’ve got something cooking.

Upton, played by Tracy Spiridakos, shot and killed Walton as Season 8 ended. Instead of reporting what happened, Upton let Voight, played by Jason Beghe, cover it up.

How’s that working out? Um, not so good. The FBI is now snooping around Walton’s disappearance. With this happening, Upton might be in for a mighty fall.

‘Chicago PD’ Episode Shows FBI Agents Talking To Intelligence Unit Members

Last Wednesday’s Chicago PD episode on NBC called “Fractures” opened up the floodgates.

FBI agents are running down the list of Intelligence Unit members. Each one is getting interrogated with the hope of finding a culprit. Upton has not changed her story. Yet now with Halstead, played by Jesse Lee Soffer, in the mix, doom and gloom have entered their relationship and careers.

Could Upton get arrested for what she did? It’s possible. FBI agents tried looking into Upton’s past with domestic abuse towards women.

“You know what men do,” an FBI agent tells Upton. “You’ve seen it your whole life. You saw what Roy Walton did. One woman on your team, you saw what he did to her. Roy Walton’s dead. You covered it up.”

That agent really wanted Upton to dump all the stuff she knows in his lap.

Upton Didn’t Give Any Information Up About Voight When FBI Agent Pressed

Chicago PD promos made it look like Upton would crack under pressure, but she did not.

Upton upheld her part of the bargain just like Voight did. But she’s not totally out of the woods.

Halstead gets pulled over by an FBI agent. He’s taken to where Walton’s body is buried.

At that time, the FBI agent gives Halstead two options.

He can either take the blame (and prison time) with Upton, or he can save them both and push the blame onto Voight. With Halstead facing a big decision, Chicago PD ends right there.

Both Halstead and Upton are looking at a stiff sentence. Knowing how much Halstead and Voight have bumped heads, it seems likely that Halstead would sell out Voight to salvage his career and Upton’s.

What is going to happen between all three of them is still up for debate. One thing is for sure. Chicago PD will air this coming Wednesday at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m Central, on NBC.