‘Chicago PD’: Co-Executive Producer Chad Saxton Reveals His Favorite Episodes

by Megan Molseed

For almost a decade now, Chad Saxton has been a big part of the Chicago PD’s team. And, lately, Saxton has been working as one of the showrunners for the hit One Chicago series. With quite a few episodes of the popular NBC drama under Chad Saxton’s belt, the co-executive producer certainly has a lot for which he can be proud. But, what are some of his favorite episodes of all time?

During a discussion with Wolf Entertainment, the Chicago PD Executive Producer discusses some of the episodes that stand out the most among the many he has produced over the years. One of which came at the tail end of PD’s previous season, last year’s season finale.

“I believe it was a two-parter,” the One Chicago showrunner recalls. Saxton notes that this two-part eighth-season finale was a “really fun and energized roller coaster.” Saxton adds that the energy was so intense that some scenes didn’t even make it into the final product. Due only to time restrictions, of course.

“There were some parts with Burgess, played by Marina Squerciati, that didn’t make the air solely because of time restrictions,” the showrunner explains.

“It was amazing acting and brutally horrible because she was shot, trying to survive,” Saxton adds. “But overall, that was my favorite episode to work on.”

‘Chicago PD’ Showrunner Remembers One Of the First Episodes He Directed

Another one of Chad Saxton’s favorite episodes of Chicago PD came shortly after he took on the role as a co-executive producer on the series. This episode? The seventh season installment is titled 43rd and Normal. This episode, Saxton notes, was one of the first he did on the show.

And, what is it about this particular Chicago PD episode that draws the producer to it? It was the little nuances in filming he was able to get via a variety of camera tricks; as well as one actor’s perfect response to one of Saxyon’s stage directions.

“There’s one scene where Burgess sees a sonogram after going to the doctor,” the Chicago PD co-executive producer explains.

“I shot it in a really long dolly-push where I was really trying to make it all about her in a very different way,” the showrunner continues.

“I gave Marina a note, ‘Give me a hair of a smile,’” Saxton recalls. And, the showrunner notes, Squerciati loved the direction. It was tough to reveal the emotions that came with the complicated storyline when Burgess was expecting her daughter. But, notes, the showrunner, it was this little nuance that made all the difference.

“She was like, ‘that’s the first time anyone’s told me to be happy about this, I think that’s a really good idea,’” Chad Saxton recalls. “It really changed the scene.”