‘Chicago PD’: Conversations with Retired Cops Had Huge Effect on Amy Morton

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Brent N. Clarke/FilmMagic)

She has been playing as Trudy Platt on Chicago PD since 2014, and Amy Morton has previously revealed how conversations with retired cops impacted her and her well-known role.

During a 2016 interview with TV Fanatic, the Chicago PD star spoke about the conversations she had with the retired cops.

“Having talked to cops who are about my age, they talk a lot about missing their beats. And missing their foot patrols and the things they used to do but not necessarily needing to go back.”

Morton also describes her Chicago PD character as being “totally rich” but she doesn’t think that’s going to change her much.

“Because she’s a cop through and through. And she’s going to stay a cop. I mean this in the best way. I don’t think a whole lot is going to change.”

When asked if the death of her character’s father has a major impact, the Chicago PD castmate said. “She pretty much just gets back on the horse and back at the job.” 

 Amy Morton spoke about her Chicago PD character’s thoughts on the other police officers around her. “I think she’s incredibly proud of that precinct,” Morton stated. “I think she would bet her life on that precinct. And I think she has deep trust in all those cops.”

Amy Morton Opens Up About Her Acting Career Before ‘Chicago PD’ 

While continuing her chat with TV Fanatics, Amy Morton spoke about her acting career prior to signing up for Chicago PD. The actress notably scored two Tony Award nominations at the time. “The storyline was so good and the character was fanatic,” Morton said when asked about why she signed up for the show. 

Morton then reflected on her decision to join Chicago PD.

“I was like, this is someone who’s completely truthful and unbelievably flawed and trying to do the right thing every day. But is hard to get along with. And I was like this is me. This is really going to be fun.”

Another reason why Morton liked the role was – it was about her hometown. “You can ask any actress. To get a join their hometown is doesn’t happen,” she declared. The actress noted that she actually felt lucky to have this in her town. “So I wasn’t going to say no. I’m so freaking lucky to have this job in my hometown. ‘I’m very grateful.”

Morton goes on to add that the series is actually a huge success in the city of Chicago this is due to the fact that the franchise is giving jobs to the city.

“Not only the actors, but also crews as well. That’s a huge deal. A lot of the extras on our set are actual cops that are making extra money.”