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‘Chicago PD’ Enlists the Help of 15 Veterans in Scene Filmed at VA Hospital

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)

Fans adore the “One Chicago” franchise as it highlights the work our first responders and emergency personnel perform on an everyday basis. Outsiders admire that aspect of the franchise as a whole. However, “Chicago PD” showrunners just gave fans one more reason to love the NBC hit show.

Wednesday night’s episode of “Chicago PD” saw our team at the local VA hospital. And while production was no doubt tasked with finding and enlisting a crew of background actors, they went a step further. In doing so, they made the scene more meaningful. The VA hospital from the latest episode of “Chicago PD” featured a host of 15 real-life veterans. Their appearance added to the significance of the show’s starring characters and the roles in which they play.

Wolf Entertainment shared a group photo of the 15 American heroes on their official Twitter page. “One Chicago” fans, in response, shared their love and admiration in the comments.

“This is incredible,” began one “Chicago PD” fan. “[I] had a feeling just seeing them[,] thank you for your service.”

Other fans shared general blessings and thanks for the 15 veterans. Nevertheless, “Chicago PD’s” efforts to genuinely incorporate our nation’s vets have grown my love for the franchise all the more.

‘Chicago PD’ Welcomes Back Officer Kim Burgess

“Chicago PD” fans well know by now that season eight concluded as one of our hallmark officers suffered a potentially life-threatening gunshot wound to the shoulder. The finale concluded after her fellow officers found her and rushed her to “Chicago Med.”

Now, as the season is in full swing, three episodes in so far, Burgess has physically recovered, reappearing in Episode 2 of season 9. And during an interview, she shared her own perspective of Burgess’s injury and recovery, and how her return to the 21st District has been so far.

Of the gunshot and preceding events, Burgess actress Marina Squerciati told TV Insider, “I liked that they took the time to make it a real recovery and not a superhero in that she’s really struggling.”

The actress highlighted, “Not just with the physical effects, but with the mental effects, which is often, for what I understand, for police so much greater.”

Additionally, her recovery sees further reality as her fellow officers pressure her to come back to work. In essence, it may seem beneficial to jump right back into the middle of things. Unfortunately, the reality is the mind doesn’t process that kind of trauma that quickly. For now, it appears Burgess will continue to struggle a while longer.