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‘Chicago PD’ Fans Believe Halstead and Upton’s Relationship May Face Major Trouble

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

“Chicago PD” fans have long awaited a Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton “Upstead” union. Although it appears that, considering current show events, we may be left waiting a little longer. The FBI continues its investigation into the murder of season eight suspect Roy Walton and, as such, fans believe the officers’ relationship faces major trouble.

We still have a couple of weeks until “One Chicago’s” delayed midseason finale. Now, the wait builds tension and excitement for the trio of Chicago-based shows. However, “Chicago PD” fans are worried about the fate of several of our favorite episodes. Those namely include Halstead and Upton, but also that of Sergeant Hank Voight.

According to Looper, episode seven of “Chicago PD’s” season nine sees Officer Jay Halstead treating his partner, Hailey Upton, much differently after learning the truth about Walton’s shooting and the following coverup. “Trust Me,” the official title for the seventh episode has Upton directly confronting Halstead about his treatment of her. She expresses frustration at how his behavior toward Voight is not solving any ongoing situations.

In response, Halstead responds, “Can I not have a real argument against him? I’ve got to back him all the time because that’s what you do?”

As both, the outlet and episode reveal, the pair’s conversation continues in this manner. It eventually concludes as Upton states that she’s unsure whether their relationship can ever get back to how it was. At this, fans began panicking, as “Chicago PD” fans have watched the pair’s relationship grow and develop over multiple seasons.

Hopefully, the midseason finale of “Chicago PD” provides us conclusive answers, both regarding Halstead and Upton’s relationship, as well as what happens to Sergeant Hank Voight in relation to the murder.

One ‘Chicago PD’ Character is Crucial in Voight’s Fate

Season eight saw only two of our favorite characters, Hailey Upton and Hank Voight, wrapped up in Roy Walton’s death. However, as season nine continued, Officer Jay Halstead eventually learned the truth of what took place. Ultimately, Upton’s guilt regarding the situation slowly consumed her, making Halstead suspicious. In finding out the truth, Halstead socked his sergeant in the face. From there, things have only rolled downhill.

Now, what’s interesting is, as the FBI investigates Upton and Voight, the result of the investigation is reliant on neither of the characters. Instead, we look to Halstead.

Following the younger man’s knowledge of what took place, FBI Agent North approached the officer with a harsh ultimatum. Especially as Halstead was not directly involved with the murder.

Ahead of the midseason finale, it remains up to Halstead to decide Voight’s fate.

As we recall, while Upton was the officer that officially shot and killed Walton, Voight wound up taking the flack for it, practically extricating her from the situation. Now, the FBI agent is leaning heavily on Halstead to turn the sergeant in as he just lacks enough evidence to convict Voight.

Should Halstead turn on Voight, “Chicago PD” fans will likely see the sergeant arrested and tried for the whole of the murder. However, Halstead has another option, which is far from ideal. If he decides to protect his supervisor, North then promises to put both Upton and Halstead behind bars.

As much as we hate it, only the next new “Chicago PD” episode will reveal any answers.