‘Chicago PD’ Fans Flood Social Media with Love for LaRoyce Hawkins

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

NBC‘s “One Chicago” universe boasts a host of passionate and hugely attractive first responders and today, “Chicago PD” fans took a moment to simply appreciate the beauty that is actor LaRoyce Hawkins.

NBC‘s OneChicago shared a photo of the “Chicago PD” actor to their Twitter account with the caption, “Can we all just pause today to admire this man?” followed by the franchise’s iconic blue colored heart emoji.

We love seeing our “Chicago PD” stars in uniform. However, the franchise’s latest post captures Hawkins in a rare moment of calm and serenity. The bright background fully outlines the solid definition of his profile.

In response to the caption, fans immediately took to the comments. There, they shared their love for both the actor and “Chicago PD” character.

“Today and every single day,” emphatically wrote one “Chicago PD” fan, to which the franchise’s page answered with, “Right?!” followed by several heart-eyed emojis.

“[H]e is a work of art!” exclaimed another “Chicago PD” fan and there’s surely no arguing that.

Still others shared their thoughts regarding LaRoyce Hawkins role in “Chicago PD.” After perusing many of them, numerous fans feel as though the character should play a bigger part on the show.

“[W]e need to see him more on Chicago pd…in action!” emphasized one “One Chicago” follower. Another more wrote in a more straightforward fashion, “Give him more screen time then.”

It’s true this season of “Chicago PD” has put tons of emphasis on a handful of the hit show’s characters. However, next week debuts their midseason finale and we can only hope showrunners plan to feature Hawkins’ character more prominently.

LaRoyce Hawkins Dishes ‘Dirt’ On His ‘Chicago PD’ Character

For now, “Chicago PD” fans are busy basking in the beauty that is LaRoyce Hawkins. Meanwhile, we can depend on the ever-dependable character and actor to dish out some of the most important information regarding “Chicago PD.”

In speaking with TVInsider, the actor revealed some secrets and struggles his character faces as the ninth season continues.

Fore-fronting current plot lines is the dramatic investigation and resulting drama surrounding the unit’s Sergeant, Hank Voight, and officers Halstead and Upton. He shares that his character is aware something is being kept secret from him, however, Atwater is unsure what it is.

Nevertheless, Hawkins shared with the outlet, “We got out dirt. We are not a clean unit.”

As the FBI has now gotten a whiff of who’s responsible for the season eight finale murder, there’s no doubt about that.

Simultaneously, LaRoyce’s character Kevin Atwater continues to face troubles of his own. In meeting a new love interest, the officer has potentially found a true partner he can relate to. However, he also kept from her a huge part of his life and that’s his position with “Chicago PD.” Obviously, as the season’s continued, so has the pair’s involvement, however, as such, it puts Atwater in a difficult position as he maintains secrets of his own.