‘Chicago PD’ Fans Hated What Happened to One Fan Favorite on the Show

by Shelby Scott

Dick Wolf’s “One Chicago” franchise has some of the most dedicated, yet equally vocal, fanbases on television. That’s why when showrunners killed off one fan-favorite character on “Chicago PD,” fans weren’t shy in sharing their dismay.

It’s been a while since “Chicago PD” has had a full-on crossover event with its sister series. But that’s mostly due to the restrictions set in place by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. That said, it was during one event between “Chicago PD,” “Chicago Fire,” and “Law & Order: SVU” that fans bid an ugly goodbye to administrative assistant, Nadia Decostis.

“Chicago PD” saw the Decostis character kick off her storyline as a teenage sex worker and drug addict. That’s why her first episode might have left viewers assuming she would simply be another one-time character. However, soon enough, Decostis became crucial in the plotlines of seasons one and two.

Fans watch as the young woman transforms herself from a troubled teen into one of the Intelligence Unit’s administrative assistants. Eventually, Looper reminds us the character had plans to become a cop like some of our favorite “Chicago PD” forerunners.

Sadly, her ambitions were cut short. The “One Chicago” universe’s early crossover event saw Decostis abducted and later murdered by serial killer Gregory Yates.

‘Chicago PD’ Showrunners Saw Backlash Following Decostis’ Death

As a major “One Chicago” fan myself, it’s hard to watch any of our favorite characters meet a tragic end. We might recall one occasion in “Chicago PD’s” sister series “Chicago Fire” and the shocking death of Brian “Otis” Zvonecek. While incredibly heartbreaking, Otis’s death has continued to serve as a major contributor to the series subplots. It has also furthered the development of “Chicago Fire” characters like Joe Cruz.

Therefore, after demonstrating such an impressive arc, fans expressed sadness and anger both following Nadia Decostis’ death.

In fact, many fans believe showrunners went much too far with the conclusion of Decostis’ storyline. Looper reveals Decostis’s sexual assault and murder intended to unite two Dick Wolf series and nothing more.

The outlet states that Decostis’ manner of death and the events leading up to it are already difficult to stomach. However, the fact that showrunners simply wrote the character’s death in this manner to create a plot link between “Chicago PD” and “Law & Order: SVU” makes the decision even more troublesome.

Looper goes so far as to say the decision was made in the name of cheap shock value. They even deemed it unnecessary for the franchise. What angered fans most is that Decostis’ death potentially undervalued the tragedy regarding the deaths of Yates’s other victims, with Decostis only serving as a personal link between the two investigative units.