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‘Chicago PD’: Full Recap of Episode 14, ‘Blood Relation’

by Maria Hartfield

The latest episode of NBC’s Chicago PD saw Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek in an intense custody battle. Wednesday’s episode titled, “Blood Relation” came to shocking end, and fans are still trying to understand exactly what all went down. Keep reading for a full recap of Chicago PD‘s Season 9, Episode 14, “Blood Relation.”

Warning: spoilers ahead for Chicago PD‘s Season 9, Episode 14, “Blood Relation.”

In the Jan. 5 episode, “Home Safe,” Burgess and Ruzek worked to identify a man that Makayla (Ramona Edith Williams) said she’s been talking to over by the fence at school. Makayla Burgess is the adoptive daughter of Kim Burgess. Also, Adam Ruzek is also her legal guardian. As it turns out, the mans is Makayla’s uncle on her dad’s side. His name is Theo Morrison, and much to Burgess and Ruzek’s dismay, he is pursuing a court petition for full custody of Makayla.

Fast forward to the most recent episode, “Blood Relation,” and Theo might actually have a chance of winning custody of Makalya. Even though his conversations with her at school were unwarranted and he has a prison record, he’s still an upstanding citizen who carries a blood relation to her. As a result, Theo presents a strong case.

While in court, Theo claims he’s got his life together after spending six months in prison. He insists that Makayla should be with her “real family.” He also makes a crude remark that it would be a mistake to grant Burgess custody of Makayla because of her race.

Theo and Burgess head to court

Theo moves forward in his fight for custody of Makayla. The judge allows his layers access to Burgess’ medical records and personal files. Burgess develops high anxiety confiding in Ruzek that her experience of almost dying may not play in her favor when it comes to the custody battle. Realizing they may actually lose Makayla, the only thing Ruzek could think to do was console Burgess by kissing her lightly on the forehead.

In court, Burgess takes the stand after many statements made against her. Some strikes held merit such as Makayla seeing Burgess with a gun in her hand in addition to the fact that she nearly died on the job. But, in her defense, Burgess knew Makayla’s favorite snack and she is responsible for bringing great memories into Makayla’s life such as their beach walks on Sunday mornings.

In the end, Burgess pleas with the court that she is the best guardian for Makayla despire her shortcomings. In an emotional plea, Burgess continued to lay out reasons for why she’s good for Makayla: Yes, she’s a mess, and she makes mistakes. However, she helps people and is proud that her daughter gets to see that. What she and Makayla have is real, and that’s something you can’t force. “She’s my family, and I’m hers,” says Burgess.

Burgess ends up winning the case! But the happy ending quickly turns on its head when Ruzek finds Makayla has gone missing.

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