‘Chicago PD’: Full Recap of Season 8 Finale Ahead of the Upcoming Season 9

by Shelby Scott

This time of year is great for crime show TV junkies. Autumn sees handfuls of these beloved dramas return to the screen with new seasons. One favorite, “Chicago PD,” will soon return to NBC next month to premiere its 9th season on the air. And while we impatiently wait for the first episode, for now, we’ll provide you the full recap of season 8. In this way, we’ll all be up to date when season 9 of “Chicago PD” airs.

According to Parade, the theme of season 8 seemed to peak with major police reform. In the One Chicago franchise overall, it’s definitely a topic that viewers see come up a lot. The outlet concluded that right up until the season 8 finale, it seemed the ever-struggling Voight, previously known for being an underhanded and untrustworthy cop, stuck to those intentions.

However, things took a turn following the abduction of one of the team’s members, Officer Kim Burgess. Burgess was kidnapped and held hostage when she was discovered investigating the scene of a suspected sex trafficking ring. Following her abduction, things went to chaos.

The team members’ perspectives on how to best proceed in recovering Burgess alive varied entirely, causing problems across the board. The outlet said characters Ruzek and Atwater almost “came to blows” when Ruzek insisted on recovering his partner in any way possible. Meanwhile, Atwater insisted on sticking to strict code. Eventually, Burgess was found and recovered. However, Voight had already reverted to earlier habits during the mission, trapping and beating a suspect. Upton, who encouraged her boss to release his captive, was forced to shoot the individual instead. The season concludes as Voight burns and buries the body of the lead.

Overall, the audience does receive a kind of conclusion. However, only season 9 will be able to give us a sense of finality to the plotline.

‘Chicago PD’ Season 9 Premieres This September 22nd

Following a dramatic close to season 8, season 9 hopefully continues the theme of season 8 which encompassed police reform. As mentioned above, Voight really appeared to adapt reformative ideas throughout the previous season. Nevertheless, his actions during the finale raise questions about just how much his perceptions have transformed.

Further, Upton is going to have to face her involvement in the shooting at the end of season 8. It also may affect the way her and Halstead’s relationship proceeds. Additionally, the media outlet proposed whether or not there would be a jump in time. Fans wonder whether or not Burgess will immediately return to duty or if she will need time to recover mentally.

As far as Atwater goes, it appears “Chicago PD” will further explore his position as the only black officer in the unit. Because of Voight’s reversion during the season 8 finale, it will definitely be important to identify diverse perspectives throughout the length of the new season.