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‘Chicago PD’: How Hailey Upton Actor Tracy Spiridakos Feels About Playing a Cop

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

“Chicago PD” actress Tracy Spiridakos plays Detective Hailey Upton on the show, and her cop role has helped her “learn different things every day” about the real-life job.

Spiridakos told AwardsDaily in a 2019 interview that she’s learned quite a bit about technical situations and walking around the inside of possible intense conditions. 

“We have an incredible tech supervisor who talks to us about things we could be thinking about going into an interview or approaching a situation tactically going in to clear a room.

According to IMDb, Walt Smith is a technical advisor on the set. The actress credits Smith for getting her to look around the corners and see “going into the headspace of what you want to see.”

She’s learned to look for tells too. She considers Smith a “great and valuable asset” and credits him for her daily learning. 

‘Chicago PD’ Star Not A Fan Of Chicago Weather

Last week, Canadian-born Spiridakos shared how much she hated the Chicago weather in a show photo with her 412,000 Instagram followers.

Wait? Isn’t she from Winnepeg? Well, she lived there for periods during her life. She also lived in sunny Greece.

During filming on the set, the weather hovered in the high 30s, which may not even consider the wind chill.

“Winter is here, and I’m not ready,” she wrote while co-star Jesse Lee Soffer smiled despite the cold temperatures. He looks like he’s okay with the temps. 

While Spiridakos and Soffer had a little fun with the photo, fans loved the “Upstead” relationship moment. Even if the two aren’t together in real life, their characters are sure having fun over the past couple of seasons in Chicago. Soffer, who plays Jay Halsted, is reportedly single off the screen, and Spiridakos likes to keep her personal life quiet.

Star Had To Prove Herself On Show

Tracy Spiridakos may have worked her way into the hearts of “Chicago PD” fans. But she had to prove her worth as Detective Upton on the show.

The 33-year-old actress has played Upton since 2014, but it wasn’t until Season 5 that she took a prominent role on the show. Now, the show would seem strange without her as the clever detective and fiancé of Halstead.

Spiridakos told AwardsDaily that her agent only got her three episodes at first. It was up to her to do the rest.

“[The part] came through as an audition that my agents got for me,” the actress said. “I put myself on tape for the part.”

Spiridakos said that by the end of season four and the start of the next season, the show’s producers “let (her) know that (she’d) be coming back.” 

Spiridakos has guest starred on “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago Med,” and another CBS series, “FBI” as well.