‘Chicago PD’: Here’s the Show Pulled Off That Bridge Scene in Season Nine

by Lauren Boisvert

A new “Chicago PD” aired yesterday, an it heavily featured Hailey Upton and a killer bridge scene. In the episode, Upton witnesses a car accident while out on a run. She immediately leaps into the water to save the submerged driver and passenger. But, she has to make a choice between the two on who to save first. She chooses the driver, but when she goes back for the passenger, it’s too late.

Upton finds out later that the driver actually stole the car and kidnapped the passenger after stalking her. Upton now has to live with her choice. But, not before she puts the guy she just saved behind bars.

But, what were wondering, is how did “Chicago PD” pull off the bridge scene? Wolf Entertainment released a behind-the-scenes video on the episode before it aired detailing how the stunt was executed. According to the video, the car crashing into the Chicago River was done with practical effect, using a launchpad and cranes.

The scene where Upton dives into the river was done by stunt double Kelli Scarangello. It had to be done in one take. For the underwater scenes, set design created a tank with a car inside where Spiridakos and Scarangello could safely execute the scene. In the video, Spiridakos revealed that she’s a certified Open Water Diver, which most likely came in handy for this episode.

The scene was definitely heart-stopping, with an interesting twist and a vulnerable moment for Upton. It was a great way to highlight Upton as well, and it was revealed that she’s been with the Chicago PD for 10 years. She didn’t have time to celebrate though, and most likely wouldn’t have; she’s too busy saving lives.

‘Chicago PD’: Tracy Spiridakos Talks About Hailey Upton’s Career Milestone

As of this episode, Hailey Upton has been at the Chicago PD for 10 years. Definitely a big deal. But she had no time to celebrate her career milestone because of the case. Would she have celebrated anyway? Upton is more about helping others than focusing on herself; I don’t think she would make a fuss about her work anniversary.

Tracy Spiridakos sat down with TV Insider recently to talk about the episode and Upton’s career. When asked how Upton feels about her career, Spiridakos replied, “It’s really interesting to see how, when she had first joined the unit, she more stayed to herself and she didn’t really necessarily befriend anybody, didn’t really go out of her way to do that.”

She continued, “And we see her now and yes, it’s absolutely her family and seeing everyone together, I loved how it was edited, put together, and you just see them all enjoying each other and having a laugh. It was nice. When you’re going through a hard time, getting to be around the people that you love, even though you’re going through a hard time, is kind of what you need. It was really nice for them to set it up like that.”