‘Chicago P.D.’: Here’s Where You Recognize Ellie Olstern From

by Joe Rutland

It’s always interesting to see where characters on Chicago P.D. actually appear elsewhere. Where have you seen Ellie Olstern before?

Olstern is played by Danika Yarosh in a Season 4 episode. We get more insights about the actress’s career stops with help from Looper.

This episode was titled I Remember Her Now and was about an investigation of a treatment center for troubled teenage girls. Olstern did stand out due to her work. Still, here’s where the Chicago P.D. actress also has appeared, too.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Actress Finds Breakout Role In Showtime Series ‘Shameless’

He had guest roles on shows like 30 Rock but a breakout happened in the Showtime series Shameless. She plays an older version of Holly Herkimer, played first by Dove Cameron. In Season 4, Holly is still friends with Debbie Gallagher, played by Emma Kenney, and acts as Debbie’s guide into sexuality.

A fight in Season 5 between Debbie and Holly breaks out. Well, that’s it for Yarosh on the show.

Up next for the Chicago P.D. actress was a character on the NBC drama Heroes Reborn. This is a continuation of Heroes. Yarosh plays Claire Bennet, daughter of Claire Bennet from Heroes and played by Hayden Panettiere. Malina a twin and her brother, Tommy Clark, is played by Robbie Kay. They get sent to 1999 and Claire dies.

Actress Would Also Appear With Tom Cruise In ‘Jack Reacher’ Film

This protects them from Renautas and the group’s CEO, Erica Kravid, played by Rya Kihlstedt. But they get separated after Tommy finds he has the ability to absorb powers. Malina finds her power is being able to control the elements to stop an extinction-level event called H.E.L.E.

We’ve been covering the Chicago P.D. star’s but Yanrosh also appeared in a 2016 film Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, starring alongside Tom Cruise and Cobie Smulders. She plays Samantha, a 15-year-old who may be the biological daughter of Reacher. When Reacher (Cruise) and Susan Turner (Smulders) look into who is framing Reacher for a number of murders, they discover that Samantha is being watched, and rescued Samantha after finding her adopted parents dead.

One of her next stops would be as Brooke Osmond, back on television, in the third season of the Netflix series Greenhouse Academy. She would replace Grace Van Dien, who played the character in the first two seasons.

Chicago P.D. has gone on and continues to be a stellar part of the One Chicago franchise on NBC. There always is a lot going on in different storylines. Will the actress appear on the show again? We do not know but don’t think it couldn’t happen again.