‘Chicago P.D.’: How Halstead and Voight ‘Appreciate’ Each Other Despite Not ‘Seeing Eye-to-Eye’

by Shelby Scott

“Chicago P.D.” plotlines are often fueled by the relationships between characters, both romantic and platonic. One interesting character subplot lies between two of the show’s forerunning individuals. Frequently, viewers to the show witness consistent pushback and headbutting between characters Detective Jay Holstead and Sergeant Hank Voight.

According to One Chicago Center, many of the disagreements that take place between the two cops result from their very different styles in policing and law enforcement overall. Additionally, earlier seasons saw Voight as a dirty cop. He frequently crossed the line between legal and illegal actions to achieve desired results. His earlier methods often included bribery or even threats and blackmail to get what he wanted.

However, One Chicago Center said that season 8 saw little pushback from Holstead concerning Voight’s decisions. Additionally, Jesse Lee Soffer, who plays Holstead, hinted during NBC‘s midseason press event that season 9 will see the pair butting heads again.

“You will see more of [Jay pushing back against Voight], but maybe not in the way it played out in previous seasons. Their relationship’s really grown and there’s a mutual respect,” Soffer shared. What’s more interesting is that the news outlet said the pushback won’t be a result of distrust. Many disagreements were fueled in this manner earlier “Chicago P.D.” series and across the franchise’s other hit series, “Chicago Fire.”

Apparently, the upcoming disagreements are going to result from Holstead’s desire to help Voight grow with the current political climate. Soffer further said, “In the new world…Voight might need to be a different kind of cop [to succeed], from Jay’s perspective.”

One Chicago Production Hinted at a Major Crossover Event for ‘Chicago P.D.’ and its Sister Shows

We look forward to seeing where Halstead and Voight’s relationship goes in season 9. However, we are even more interested to see what big surprises One Chicago has in store for fans this fall. In a TV Line Q&A, one fan asked, “Do we know what #OneChicago is looking like for next season? As in the number of episodes, more frequent character crossovers, and a big crossover event?”

We had all the same questions too. Luckily, we’re able to provide you some of those answers via TV Line. The outlet didn’t provide many specifics for “Chicago P.D.” However, supposedly, “Chicago Fire” fans can expect two big events in season 10. Hopefully one of those is a (happy) resolution to the major cliffhanger dealt in the season 9 finale.

Showrunner Derek Haas stated previously, “Hopefully the second episode…will be a major crossover.” He further stated he hopes to do it in the vein of “Infection,” the major crossover episode which took place in season 8 of “Chicago Fire.” It was a highlight event when all three shows featured the same plotline and character crossovers left and right.

As we gear up for new seasons from the One Chicago Center, we hope the new episodes of “Chicago P.D.” and its sister shows are everything they’ve been made out to be so far.