‘Chicago P.D.’: How Jason Beghe Goes Back-and-Forth with Writers About Show’s Development

by Megan Molseed

When Chicago P.D. star, Jason Beghe discusses some of the most critical aspects of his Chicago P.D. character, he credits the popular show’s writers for working hard to develop the storylines that make his character so relatable.

The actor, who portrays the tough and dedicated Chicago Police Officer, Hank Voight in the popular procedural drama, adds that the writers and the producers on the hit television drama encourage an open dialogue with the Chicago P.D. actors. This, he says, develops a strong communication that helps the actors understand the importance of any major plotline within the popular primetime drama.

“We have a very collaborative environment,” Beghe told TV Meg of his Chicago P.D. co-workers.

“Particularly with Ricky now running the show,” Beghe added, of one of the show’s writers, and the Chicago P.D. executive producer, Rick Eid.

“I’m highly respectful,” Beghe added. “And he’s amazingly good.”

‘Chicago P.D.’ Often Writers Work With Series Regulars On Storylines

Beghe added that part of what makes the primetime drama so successful, in addition to the producer’s focus on developing the characters along with the actors, is the fact that the Chicago P.D. writers work just as hard to connect with the cast when developing the show’s storylines.

“If I don’t understand something or agree, it’s not like I go, ‘You’re wrong,'” the actor explained. “I say, ‘Help me understand.'”

The Chicago P.D. actor adds that oftentimes, the actors and writers may be working with the same vision, but they imagine the approach to these storylines in very different ways.

And, the actor notes, it is in these moments that communication is the most important thing.

“We work together,” said Beghe. ‘Because they don’t want me to do something that I don’t understand or don’t believe.”

The actor added that this open communication helps him understand his character, and his character’s motives as the series progresses through the years.

“They’re the ones who are helping me discover,” Beghe also explained. “Leading me in the direction where I continue to create and discover who Voight is and who he is becoming.”

Voight Is Not An Easy Character

Jason Beghe portrays the tough, and sometimes harsh Chicago police officer, Hank Voight in the popular NBC television drama. Hank Voight was first introduced to the One Chicago franchise as both a starring character in Chicago P.D. and as a recurring character on Chicago Fire.

When Voight was introduced in Chicago Fire he was portrayed as an officer who would reach beyond his legal capabilities to help certain people. This was a trait that did not sit well with the Chicago Fire team.

Voight has a history of going using unconventional methods to get his job done. Sometimes he even chooses methods that are more underhanded than legal. However, his reputation for being a “dirty” cop is mostly brought upon by his experience with the Chicago Fire unit. Despite these undesirable traits, Hank Voight is highly respected within his unit.