‘Chicago P.D.’: How Marina Squerciati ‘Slips’ Back into Character as Kim Burgess

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Playing a law enforcement officer on national television is surely no easy feat. But it appears one “Chicago P.D.” star has no issue slipping back into character in between filming. While actors and actresses all have their own methods of adopting their characters’ personalities, “Chicago P.D” star Marina Squerciati wears her character Kim Burgess as a second skin.

During an interview with Hello! magazine, the actress received the question, “Do you have a ritual to get back into the headspace of Kim?”

Interestingly, she really doesn’t have a “ritual.” She instead told the outlet, “[Kim] is a second skin now and I know her so well that I can slip right back in.” Instead, rather than the character, Squerciati said it’s the scene and situation she needs to adjust to rather than transforming between herself as Marina and her character, Kim.

Of those situations, the actress shared her biggest question typically is, “This is new, how do I do this?”

She provided “Chicago P.D.” fans an example that took place earlier this season during the second episode. Squerciati said, “I had to do a really cool undercover scene…and it was unlike anything I’ve ever done, and that took some muscle.”

Season 8 Murder Leads to Season 9 Tension on ‘Chicago P.D.’

Since Roy Walton‘s murder at the end of “Chicago P.D.’s” season eight, things in the unit have gone haywire as far as inter-officer relations go. Both Officer Hailey Upton and Sergeant Hank Voight covered up the suspect’s murder following the season eight finale. Now, Officer Burgess has no clue that the man who nearly killed her no longer poses a threat. As such, she’s hardcore struggling with PTSD, and as the season goes on, it only seems to get worse.

Meanwhile, things between Voight and Officer Jay Halstead are at the worst they’ve ever been. Voight continues to fight off flack after Roy’s murder and proceeding coverup. Meanwhile, Halstead continues to give the head officer the cold shoulder, and vice versa.

This last week saw the two officers come to a head. Halstead admitted his distrust for the sergeant and Voight hinted the younger officer could not continue on the team if that remains the case.

Now it appears the FBI has gotten involved in the “Chicago P.D.” case and things aren’t looking good. A preview for next week shows Upton across the table from an FBI investigator and the character does not look well. The episode is sure to add fuel to the fire among the ongoing tension and truthfully Outsiders, we can’t wait to see where the latest drama takes us.

To follow up on Burgess’s struggles, Upton’s guilt, and Halstead and Voight’s tension, tune in Wednesday night at 10 p.m. to NBC.