‘Chicago P.D.’ Star Jason Beghe Comments on Burgess’ Shooting, Recovery: ‘Still a Journey’

by Megan Molseed

The third episode of Chicago P.D.’s ninth season is set to premiere Wednesday evening, and there’s still one question on everyone’s mind going in. What will Chicago P.D. officer Kim Burgess do going forward?

At the end of the hit NBC drama’s eighth season, detective Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) was brutally attacked, shot, and kidnapped.

Thankfully, as season nine premiered on September 22, Chicago P.D. fans saw that the brave detective is now safe and sound after a harrowing escape.

She was even able to break free from the hospital in last week’s season nine episode “Rage.”

However, there are still quite a few pieces for Burgess to put back together after the brutal attack. And, it looks like this journey will be a long one for the Chicago P.D. officer.

Will Burgess Return To The ‘Chicago P.D.?’

“It’s a question of whether or not [Burgess] feels ready,” says Chicago P.D. star Jason Beghe to .

Beghe portrays Chicago P.D. Sargeant Hank Voight in the popular NBC drama.

And, since Burgess’s rescue, Voight has been doing everything he can to help his fallen officer, trying to help Burgess as she slowly makes strides towards recovery. Something that she is doing slowly, as each episode progresses.

In the second episode of the show’s ninth season, we see Burgess is able to leave the hospital.

And, Burgess even makes an appearance back at the Chicago P.D. station, returning to her position on the Chicago P.D. long enough to help with a victim on the September 29 episode.

An Important Discussion

While lending a hand on the case, Kim Burgess and Hank Voight have a frank discussion about the officer’s future as she begins to recover.

While he’s not pushing Burgess in one direction or the other at this point, Sargeant Voight is certain that the only way Burgess will know what she needs to do is if she puts herself into the field with her Chicago P.D. teammates…if even just for a little bit.

“Before you make any decisions, you gotta try and do the job again,” the Sergeant tells his officer in the episode, noting that the only way she will know what she is still capable of is if she puts herself into the scenarios.

And, says Jason Beghe, this will likely be a big step in the character’s healing process.

However, the Chicago P.D. star adds, the character is recovering from lot more wounds from the ordeal than the physical ones everyone can see.

“Mostly in the second episode, she starts to deal with it,” Beghe notes.

“She’s eventually gonna heal from the physical wounds,” the actor continues of Kim Burgess’s recovery process. “But it’s still a journey to heal from the psychological ones.”

Beghe adds that all of the answers will come once Burgess decides how much desire she has to get back into the field.

“Ultimately Burgess has got to rely on Burgess,” the Chicago P.D. actor explained.