‘Chicago PD’ Star Jason Beghe Explains How He and Voight Rub Off on Each Other

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

Chicago PD’s Hank Voight is what some would call a dirty cop. He’s made some less than moral decisions while working as a Windy City police officer. Voight has even committed murder—a few times. In fact, his latest crime happens to be at the center of this season’s drama.

Voight’s actor Jason Beghe has been playing the cop for seven years. So some would wonder if the character is starting to bleed into Beghe’s real-life personality.

And as John Voight told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette this past September, of course, it is.

“Ever since I started playing Hank Voight, I’ve found that I’ve killed a lot more people in my personal life,” he joked. “I slapped a guy at 7-Eleven when he gave me the wrong change yesterday.”

But in reality, yes. Actors attach themselves to their characters in one way or another. And in Beghe’s case, he’s formed somewhat of a friendship with Hank Voight.

“I’m kidding! [laughs] Honestly, after all this time, it becomes like a close personal relationship,” he continued. “And like any good close relationship, I’m sure we learn from and influence each other.”

Karma May Finally Be Coming For Hank Voight on ‘Chicago PD’

Hank Voight has committed anyone and everyone’s fair share of crimes on Chicago PD. But for some reason, he always seems to get away with them.

However, he may finally face some justice after his latest dealings.

On the season 8 finale of Chicago PD, Hank Voight and Hailey Upton tracked down the criminal who nearly killed Kim Burgess, Roy Walton. But when they confronted Roy, things got dangerous— and the officers killed him.

Upton, of course, panicked when Roy Walton died. But Voight had been in similar situations before. So he convinced his partner in crime to help him cover up the murder.

Voight burned the body and buried his ashes. Then Upton lied and said Roy escaped during their pursuit. And the officers vowed to take their secrets to the grave.

But by the midseason finale, their lies had caught up to them.

The FBI got involved in the investigation and found reasons to believe that Hank Voight killed Roy. And they’re looking to lock him up for life. However, Halstead—Upton’s fiance’—has to work with the FBI in order for them to prosecute. And doing so could put Upton’s career and freedom on the line, too.

But recently, tensions between Halstead and Voight have grown. And Halstead’s engagement isn’t going well either. So, the mid-season closure left Halstead wondering whether he should turn on Voight and Halstead and make a deal with the Feds.

But unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until December 8th to learn what Halstead will do.